Monday, September 8, 2008

Current Progression: Illidan

Last night was LOKI's first full (3-Hour) night on Illidan. We got to P5 on our last attempt, after discovering a number of places mistakes can happen, and fixing them - noteworthy ones include spacing out (duh), deciding on a parasite kill location, NOT dpsing through the p3->4 transition (and getting the raid shadow blasted), and making sure all shadow demons are slowed.

Prior to this, we had gotten to spend ~1 hour on him after killing council. That night we consistently got through p1, were learning mechanics of flame tanking and positioning, and got to p3/4 once (shadow demons owning everyone with so many dps dead when we got to p4).

Note: Bosskillers is wrong. The only thing you need to do in p2, is make sure every player is within 20~25 yards from one warglave (not both). The only person this really effects, are the flame tanks, who can't go too far away from the glave there flame came form. We used three camps in the middle. 

Anyway - Sheer. Good news is, I know where my sheer button is, and haven't had issues with it - but this has taken some considerable rewiring on my part. For those unaware - Sheer is an ability Illidan uses in P1, 3, and 5. It cannot miss - and if not dodged, blocked, or parried - reduces your max health by 60% for something like 8 seconds. The key to not getting Sheered, is to shield block. Sheer needs to be saved for when he actually starts casting it (1.5 second cast) -elsewise, his rapid dual wielding attacks would eat through the charges. He doesn't crush, so it can safely be reserved. 

What I've done, is replace my shield block / shield slam button, with just shield slam. I then put shield block where shield reflect use to be - and mentelly pretend that its a spell that needs to be reflected. Now, I both click and keypress. I keypress my most often used abilities (threat rotation) - 2,3,4,3,2 (SS, Dev, Rev, Dev, SS...), and click less used abilities (TC, Ironshield Potions, Spell Reflect, ect). What I did for this fight, was put a supersized bar with those above abilities right under Illidan's cast bar - this lets me watch that for Sheer, Flame Crash, ect - while having those abilities to click right there. I find that he will often do a flame crash (requiring strafing and backing up) and then sheer while he's still moving. This setup allows me to move with the keyboard, and click shield block when needed.

So - P1 is easy. P2 is getting finished consistently, now that we've settled on a set two tanks (Feral Druid, who has the highest threat in FR gear), and Protection Paladin (extra blessings, judgements, ect) - though melee still will lose one or two if they aren't careful dpsing flames. I watched Illidan, called sides for eyebeam and barrage, and spammed shield reflect (his fireball damage is reflectable). P3 is generally smooth, but the P3-> P4 needs refinement, making sure all slowing effects are up, prioritising which demons to kill (and having the DPS there/alive) - as well as not being close to people for the flame barrage thing (3.5k fireballs on everyone that splash). 

I think the low point (personally) of the night was on that last attempt, where we got to p5, watching the cinematic, and I got owned right after it was over / the bubbles ended. 

I took three nice hits that just added up to my health, with no hots up, delayed heals, and no ironshield/commanding shout/TC/Demo (it had worn off in the bubble, nothing could be cast on me, ect). I think everyone was just excited that we had got there, and hadn't been ready to refocus (myself included) - but I plan on using some cooldowns next time preemptivly, regardless. Anyway, we got him to 28% with a rogue evasion tanking, until he started to draw soul all over the place.

I predict we will kill him this coming week. 

Oh, and pictures will be included whenever I get home.

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