Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Man. I had to go through my Screenshots folder just to remember what all I've been up to this weekend.
Saturday Afternoon: Twin Emps + C'Thun. Someone in my guild was finishing a mostly guild, semi-pug AQ40. We ended up doing twin emps with twenty people, and I got to enjoy some new models. The fight itself was pretty straight-forward, though some DoT happy pugs did cause them to run together a few times and heal. I was loving warbringer on this fight. C'Thun, on the other-hand, required very little tanking (but the extra ten people that wanted in helped make it fast). The hard part there was orchistrating the run in - we got toasted the first time we tried to enter, by a stealthed player who tried to sneak in along with the lone tank that was going to soak up the first few beams. Regardless - on the third pull, I got another ten achievement points, and another notch in my shield.

Afterwards, I had plans to run Kara with a friend who was leveling their first character, a lv 69 Hunter with no grouping expierence. We had the bonus of getting to do the new Scourge Invasion boss. I had figured I could grab some people from the guild to flesh out the raid - but the majority of them were PuGing Hyjal. So, the five of us that had planned to go (Prot Warrior, Prot Paladin, Resto Druid, Shadow Priest, lv69 Hunter) grabbed one more (a friend of mine, purely PvP Ret Paladin who had also never done Kara) - and headed out. There weren't any strats we could find for the new boss, so we just worked out a method (ended up kiting him backwards around the top level). I got a sweet Arcanite Ripper!

Not to be stopped for lack of people - the six of us went on to clear all of Kara. It took us about two hours, with our Ret Paladin being #1 DPS, and myself second. It was actually really fun - undermanning it with that group. We only got snagged on Prince, and just because we were being bad about Infernals. We had the paladin tank (since he really couldn't do anything if not tanking), I DPSed (poorly, and died to enfeeble since I was dumb), and called out infernals. In the end, the Hunter got the Sunfury Bow, and was happier about it then I've ever seen anyone be about a piece of loot =D

Then on Sunday - back to Sunwell. With people being focused and ready, we took down Felmyst on the third pull. All three pulls were better then any of our previous, and it felt really smooth. 

After Felmyst, we flopped our way through the gauntlet, and got to Twins room. I decided to use the reverse strat, where we keep all our ranged on the top, have all the tanks, melee, and warlock tank on the bottom, and kill Sarcolash first. Our snag was people not running out of the raid when they got Conflag - there was confusion about people using their PvP trinket as they ran back to the conflag point, not after they got affected by it. In general, it seemed not everyone was as read up on the many fire and shadow themed methods of death and pain. Their health dropped quick enough, however, and I think next night we're on them - we'll kill them. Once the first is dead, the fight should be a cakewalk. 


Herc said...

Good luck on Twins!

I hear you about conflag. There was a confusion in our raid when to use the trinket ... sometimes you see people Ice block or bubble near the raid. Eventually everybody got caught up or .. people who knew what they were doing got the conflag hah! We'll find out tomorrow after reset.

Advance good luck to you on Muru and KJ!

Kadomi said...

Grats about all your recent achievements, go go to KJ. :)

I'll be doing AQ40 on Saturday, which should be different. I have never been there, the strategies for the later bosses looked very complicated, but I am hoping I can pull this off with my girls. :)

Chad S. said...

Good Luck Kadomi!

You guys have it together, you'll do fine. Just skip Viscidious unless you have tons of mages (we only had one, and he never got close to freezing).

Brandon said...

Nice. Glad you're getting to the end before Wrath hits. We've been blowing through old school content as well and commenting on the 'good ol days.' lol