Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunwell Letdown

First night in since the patch - 

One Shot Kalecgos

The biggest chalange was holding DPS on the dragon, while portals got going and we could DPS the Demon.

Four-Shot Brut

Our issue was placing people so they took a slash, but only one slash, and we had paths for burned people to run. His melee damage was high, but not OMGWTFPWN high. No Sunwell Radiance helped.

While I've attributed our fast progress through T5 and 6 to our skill and ability - I just couldn't even kid myself about these two kills. We killed two new bosses tonight because the place was nerfed to hell. And frankly, I feel cheated.

I was looking forward to a chalange, and 3.0 has destroyed any left in the game. Guilds that were working Muru killed him the first time back after 3.0, and then got KJ in a night or two beyond that. I can't imagine that we'll be that far behind.

I'm excited to see the content, but only as much as I would be if I went back to AQ40, to kill the stuff I never got a chance to. The execution is still required, but even that is far more forgiving then it use to be because of the difference between level of content, and power of raid.


Brandon said...

This is life pre-Wrath. I understand the idea of letting people see content, but I think they really went overboard this time. Its kind of sucking the life out of the fun for me since I play WoW for the raids. But our guild leader decided to change the direction of the guild. We've been going after Horde faction leaders. By far the most fun I've had since this patch hit.

Kind of funny how theyre the hardest raid bosses ingame now.

Arideni said...

The changes were pretty drastic. No one can argue that, but I wouldn't let it get to you too much. You guys would have beat SWP regardless if given enough time.

Anonymous said...

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