Monday, November 10, 2008


Walked in last night, and owned him. I had our one healing officer, Gorgon, go shadow and do the mass dispells - since he had practice doing it from the other night (when he was the only priest on). The only thing I changed, was having him 100% responsible for dark fiends. Last time I had him healing on p2, and other people assigned to destroying dark fiends simply missed them. (Dark fiends are these floating skulls that pop out of void zones, float towards a target, and then unleash tons of raid-wiping damage if they get there. They can only be killed by a dispel or purge). 

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And then Kil'jaden. The final boss, the big demon.

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Our best attempt in the two hours we got, was 56% (right before p4). We kept losing at least 1-2 people to Darkness of 1K Souls, not to mention incidental deaths from Sinister Reflections, and so forth. The result, was a lack of raid damage. We got blown up by the third Darkness casting, when there was no dragon to shield us.

What I thought was excellent, though, was that everyone online got to get in for at least a few attempts. Seeing the Sunwell erupt into flames, and KJ climb out, I don't think would ever get old. By far, the coolest, and most dramatic boss entry I believe I've ever seen. 

And then as a side note, I get to kick someone from the guild when I got home today. One of our elemental shamans has decided to apply to our server's furthest progressed guild (Vox), as part of their Mass Recruitment for Wrath. His performance was mediocre, but his attitude was pretty terrible, and he struck me as a purely loot focused player. I never had something concrete to justify a kick - but applying elsewhere while in LOKI is a guaranteed boot.

What is funny/sad, is that this guild is looking to add fifty members, more then doubling its size. And I'm 100% sure that these people are temporary filler for getting server first 25 man kills - they are all getting dumped when Vox's core group is fully leveled. Somehow, these people don't see that. In any case, I'm not losing sleep over it.


Veneretio said...

I agree completely with the gkick. That's identical to Ibex's policy. If you apply elsewhere, it's time to go. That being said, while I agree that for many the choice to join Vox's early kill ranks could blow in there face... it does make some sense.

After all, if you want a spot as part of the core of the most progressive guild on the server... you gotta get your foot in the door. An exceptional player with a good attitude, in the right role with a little luck could definitely become part of their core as a result.

Anyway grats on the Mu'ru kill, I had hoped to have a shot at him, but alas we gotta a little ahead of ourselves and didn't focus enough to down Felmyst... so my goal is to just see Twins before tomorrow ends.

Herc said...

Yeah KJ's entrance is just pure win. We had trouble with sinister reflections if it is on a warrior or a priest.

5 mobs using bladestorm = not cool

I hear you about guilds mass recruiting. They do it because they know they can get away with it. The guild I'm in right now just mass recruited like crazy, there's about 10+ alliance who rerolled and leveled to 70 in the past 2 weeks.

I've been in this guild for awhile now so we'll see if I make the cut for the "A" team. I guess I'll find out in a few months or weeks.

Franklin said...

Yeah, mass recruiting going on all over Terokkar right now. Then there will be the inevitable trimming of the fat. Sad that people don't treat their guilds as anything more than a means to an end.

What I like is that the core group in Forgiven is really pretty friendly. We recruit to fill gaps and get more people in raids, and hope that some of them work out long term, but like any guild, we have our fair share of turnover. It sucks, but you get used to it. For every 10 guys that comes and goes, we usually snag one that works out REALLY well for us, and that makes it worth it.

Brandon said...

Yeah. My first time seeing KJ was almost as epic as seeing C'thun the first time. The RP elements during the fight were lolish but I dont think Ill ever get tired of seeing KJ pop out that portal.