Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Those About to Wrath, I /Salute You.

After work today, I pick up two copies of Wrath, head home and install them, then bask in the fridged glow of Northrend with Aertimus, for as much time as possible before Monday morning.

It's all very exciting. I've been waiting for this for a long time.

And one note I wanted to make - I personally, will be participating in the psudo-unspoken truce for the first few days/hours. Despite Darkspear being a PvP server, I don't plan on picking any fights in hopes that everyone can quest/level, at least early on, in relative silence (The only exception being Vene, whom if I come across, I'll need to battle at least once ; D ). 

When BC came out, this period lasted until people hit 70, got flying mounts, and then formed massive raids to sweep across the land, and deny anyone else the chance to reach the same level. I'm more excited to hit max level, and begin conquring Naxx - but to each their own.

I guess my next big goal will be deciding what wing of Naxx to hit first. The wing I hear is easiest, of course, does not have a T7 dropping boss at the end - so I may change it up. They all look sweet.


Herc said...

That song was just playing in the radio a moment ago weird ... (for those about to rock we salute you!)

It's already installed Wrath. I turned in 23+ quest most of them being daily quest. After the gym tonight, I'll be hitting up Northrend woooo.

Arideni said...

I must commend you on your excellent choice of musical titles for your blog.

I also did not know you were on Alliance until I rolled a character there & saw I couldn't put you on my friends list (but Veneretio was possible). This saddens me, but at least I know I have a friend if I ever wanna switch servers!

P.S. Thanks for your kind words, and you can look forward to hearing from me on the new Wowhead Blog, too!

Arideni said...

Oh, just a side note, how dumb can I be to think you're a Horde dwarf?

Guess I never really thought about it, hah!