Monday, November 3, 2008

Words For Pictures

Ok - Here we go. Pictures and words, together!

Yakra the Paladin! (Yakradin?). After much necropolis hunting, and taking out a few invasions with a three-man group, I got the two rare pieces (but not before getting four cloth legs, and 3 leather legs). With my trinket-granted Consecrate and (soon to be) Hallowed title, I'll be dancing in the light!

I was out for the weekend, and ended up making the call to not rush home on Sunday for the raid - opting rather to spend some time with friends I only get to see once a month. Its hard to not be there (ontime) for a progression night, but I have bags full of confidence in my officers and raiders. I got home around the time of the first pull, but decided to just let them ride things out with the tanks that were in. Aertimus hoped in about mid way though (for lack of healers), and I got to watch the kill on her computer. It was pretty sweet.

Mu'ru! I don't know how people did sides without Shockwave (or rather, I just know that it was done with extreme difficulty, the likes of which I sadly was not able to encounter). We didn't have a ton of time to work on him, but we got entropus to 46% the one time we got to p2. I was kiting him faster then I should, and feel like the erratically placed black holes probably were a factor in the wipe, but I'm confident we'll rock him next night we're in there.

At one point between fighting waves, I looked off to the side and realized I was looking at the Sunwell. The spot that I floated by in the MGT cinematic, and figured I'd never get to. I had a similar moment fighting Felmyst, and realizing that I was in the spot that I'd flown by during bombing runs. It's a little surreal.

Oh, and as a last min note (and a rare, PvP one at that), I got the achievement for running/capping the flag all three times (Ironman), and the 3-0 victory, in WSG last night. Do Darkspear/Cyclone Horde run premade losing WSG now, or did I get stupid lucky? (going to need Vene's insight here). Ally usually get roflstomped on Cyclone WSG.


Brandon said...

From the pics Im more than sure youre on your way to KJ. Gratz man. Even if nerfed to hell, its pretty cool seeing how well Sunwell was put together.

Now get ready for the ultimate "Get out the fire," fight.

Herc said...

Nice your on KJ =) I'm sure you will get him this week. So advance gratz! If Apolyon drops for you ... /wrist