Wednesday, December 10, 2008

End of Week One, Begining of Two

Sunday we took out Loatheb in one shot, and closed off wing two. Interesting fight, but really easy to tank.

Four Horsemen was next. We changed up our strat, to the "Zerg Thane First", which was working out well. I sadly had to leave the raid while we were doing that, but the rest of the officers lead the raid onward to kill them shortly after. We were really only having issues at that point with people in the back dying, so once that stopped, it was T7 Chest time, and the end of wing three.

Next, they did Patchwerk. He died on the second pull, according to the WWS.

Then last night, we went back into fresh Naxx, and started down construct wing again. Two shot Patchwerk, again. I was absolutely underwhelmed by Frogger. I was picturing a whole huge room full of fast, deadly blobs! Not a few lurching puddles. Of course, we had a number of people get owned.

One shot Grobbulus, Two shot Gluth. For Grobbulus, it really helped that Tsuyo had done the fight in Naxx 10, and had a good idea of the Kite path he would be taking. Jerey had originally asked me to, but I felt that Tsuyo would do a better job. His tanking was awesome, and we collected loots. Pipe boss was also underwhelming. Gluth went down on try two - I think people just had to see how things looked from the inside, before proper execution was possible.

Then Thadius. Best try was 24%, but on that attempt we had two people that just could not manage the jump. Our attempts had been getting progressively better, though, and I think we will get him first thing tonight. After looking at the WWS from Patchwork, I've also gone after a few people in terms of increasing DPS, in cases where similarly geared people had large (500+ DPS differences).

Provided Thadius dies in short order, I'd like to start working on our speedy clearing of the rest of the wings, starting with Military. I'll continue to run us from hardest to easiest wings, so that people get better at them. I think there is a very real chance that we will be fighting Saphirion (or KT!) by Sunday night. I see our eventuall schedule as Naxx Tue and Wed, and OS + EoE Sunday.


Herc said...

Gratz on the kills.

How can they miss the jump? You just have to keep running and then jump.

How is your Raid's DPS? Who are owning the charts for you guys? Ours has been consistently hunters, next are mages followed closely by TG warriors on Patchwerk.

WWS really tells you who doesnt really know their class rotations or just messing around.

Chad S. said...

Hunters on top, along with a Mage, some rogues, and a TG warrior. Also a boomkin.

Herc said...

Hunters are rigged atm. They will get nerf pretty soon pve dmg wise but will get a buff for pvp.

7echno7im said...

Glad I could help. I think everything went pretty good last night, especially for it being our first encounter on 2 of the bosses. We'll get it tonight.