Thursday, December 11, 2008

Four Wings Cleared

Thad died last night, in considerably longer then I'd anticipated. I was outside the raid, so that we could use the same Warrior tank we had doing him last night, and our Prot Paladin. There were some people whom died more often that I would have liked, and that is something that I will need to deal with, if we're going to be clearing the four wings in an expedient manor.

I had planned to do Military second, but we had only one priest online. I find this absurd, as we have two shadow priests, and four healy priests. That's six potential priests! One shadow priest's computer was down, one holy priest was on vacation, and the others - I'm just not sure on. I'd really rather not subject our hunters to this.

So instead of Military, we did Plague next. All one shots, though we had 7 people do Heigan from 20->0. Then we did Spider, and got Anub and Widow down. With only a few min left after that, I decided to just end the raid, rather then push us over for Maexxna. I was very happy with the speed of those two wings.

So updated Sunday plans? Maexxna, Military Wing, Saph, KT. Very do-able, as long as people are fired up and ready about Frostwyrm Lair.

Also - I'm running out of first boss kill type posts, so we should be resuming normal-type tanking style / gear / ect analysis posting shortly. I want to touch on MT priority, as came up in comments a little while ago, ASAP.

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