Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love Killing Dragons

Wow, today went by fast. So, the short version of it all...

Last Night - We finished off Maexxna and Military wing is short order (I picked up T7 Chest), then headed into the chilly Frostyworm Lair. I have to say - the Saph Assembly animation is awesome. I always get excited at the prospect of fighting a real dragon (Cleave+Tail Swipe), since it brings me back to Ony/BWL days.

Anyway: On pull two, we had ~7 DPS Dead after the first Air Phase, from various things. Wanting more learning time, we pressed on.

Lo and Behold, we killed Saph. It took forever, but it got done. Amazing job by those still alive (especially our healers, who's endurance was amazing), though we're hoping that they more live people make the encounter quicker next time : ). We used no special frost resist gear, just Pally Auras.

Myself and the Officers hadn't considered previously how we were going to deal with the Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris - the quest item that drops from Saph. The early intel that we got was that it was just needed to start the EoE fight, so a quick OChat discussion decided I'd be best to get the first. As we started KT, though, we found out that it was also a Pre-req to getting the Neck-rewarding quest for EoE. So there is currently discussion on how we will deal with them in the future. I'm inclined to start off with a few reserved for Officers, so that we can guarentee that someone will have it on future EoE raid nights - before opening it up to the general player base.

General Question One: How does your guild deal, or plan on dealing with, this drop?

Got in three or four KT attempts, best was 31%. Most problems were due to slow attrition by people getting offed by Shadow Fisures (/facepalm) or Frost Block Thing (/sigh), or getting killed by un-CCed Mind Controled players (usually Fury Warriors or Ret Paladins). We'll get him next night we're in there, I'm sure.

I did the normal OT bit in the begining, tanking Abombs, and was doing Adds in P3 - but I spent most of P2 hanging out on the far sides of the room, looking for MC'ed people to Taunt/Stun/Fear. Do most non-MTs do that? The other tank was spending time in the middle helping with interupts, but there was more then a few times where I saw him as one of a few people that got hit with Chill, so I'm thinking that may be more of a hinderence then a help.

General Question Two: When OTing KT, what do you spend P2 doing?

(I'll try to remember and add pics when I get home)


Herc said...

Question one

How does your guild deal, or plan on dealing with, this drop?

I have no idea but I just got one for the heroic EoE ^_^(shamless plug i know), inc UBER NECK this tuesday. The first ones went to officers but now I guess its FFA. We use loot council.

Question two
When OTing KT, what do you spend P2 doing?

When doing KT I'm usually DPS or MT.

For OTs though heres what they do from what I've seen. You go to your designated melee position.

For us we separate them into 3 groups. Left, right and back of KT. All the members of that group stack together and have a good distnce from the other group especially the MT.

Yes one group will all be Iceblocked but it's really easy to heal. If they get that red thing on the ground they just move back

Our OTs also help on interrupts. We got our mages to CC MCed players. If they get it we got blind from rogues.

Brandon said...

How does your guild deal, or plan on dealing with, this drop?

We go by overall earned DKP from the time youve joined the guild. Be it 25 or 10 man, whoever has the most points and is next in line gets it.

When OTing KT, what do you spend P2 doing?

Dps the boss while helping to stop interrupts. At 40% run to my side of the room to pick up adds. No need to help with the MCs since we always carry multiple shaman, mages, locks.