Friday, February 13, 2009

Ability & Experience Are Beyond Epic

The [ gap ] between raid gear and five-man / heroics is small.

The amount of [epics] available in a full clear of T7 are plentiful.
(close to 70?)

The most important thing that anyone can earn/develop is
[experience] & [ability]

We've drummed up some applications recently, to fill gaps in our DPS lineup. I noticed, after looking at them, that the biggest impression I got was from "OS+1" under experience, followed by the number of bosses in Naxx they had killed (in 10 or 25), followed by heroic/raid achievements. Somewhere far beyond that, was the enchants on their gear, and even further was the gear itself.

Why the shift from gear? The most important thing on my mind right now, is finding people that can step out of void zones, and dodge lava walls. People that can play.

If someone who is under-geared applies, we can gear them. It only takes a few short hours of sprinting through Naxx while spamming AoE and pausing on bosses to get some upgrades, and increasing numbers of non i226 gear is getting sharded. Talent and Experience, however, can take weeks to cultivate - if the soil is fertile at all.

Also, there is no real impressive gear to show off at this point. So many guilds, PuGs even, clear Naxx 25 (the main source of gear for most classes). And with a 25 man Naxx, multiple people can be carried through non-achievement fights. There are no iconic pieces of gear that jump out as "whoa, they have done/cleared XYZ hard instance" (In most cases, I can't even tell if an item is from a ten or twenty-five man). That's why when I look at the character pane, I'm drawn more to Enchants - anyone can loot/use whatever epic comes their way, but knowing how to Gem/Enchant correctly shows understanding of class mechanics (Is the hunter/rogue gemmed for AP or Agi? Is the warlock/warrior in hit or crit?).

So I encourage all of you, to expand your horizons. Find a PuG (or encourage your guild) to increase your drake number, or get some exotic achievement. Even if you fail, you loot [Experience], which is the best ticket you have towards finding a home in a guild that is going to be successful in T8.


Darraxus said...


The worst healer I have done a heroic with so far was a pretty geared resto druid. My guess is that he was like 12 years old.

Many of the better healers I have run with, I ran with in heroic when they were wearing blues and 70 epics still.

Gear doesnt make the player. Gear helps the player, but the player also has to help themselves.

Tarsus said...

Really, ability/experience has always been a higher determining factor of quality than gear, but prior to Wrath there was a higher correlation between ability and gear than there is now.

Ironically, because I'm not actually that fond of achievements, you'll probably be able to better determine a character's abilities by looking to see if they have managed to get some of the heroic/raid achievements.

Logtar said...

"Even if you fail, you loot [Experience]"

One of the best quotes ever! Great post, and I am totally ninjing the phrase!