Friday, February 6, 2009

Heroic: Just Can't Get Enough - A Guide

Since my guide to "And They Would All Go Down Together" seemed to be pretty popular (according to Google Analytics), I'll take a hand at some other seemingly rare achievements.

Think you Just Can't Get Enough Abominations? You need three things.

1) The ability to kill KT.
2) Your raid to be complaining about how boooorrrinng phase one is.
3) A healthy love for Abominations.

The numbers are simple.

"That's a lot of Abominations..."

Not if you pull the extra Abominations right off the bat while things are super slow. Have two tanks (the east and west ones) each grab a group as soon as they spawn. Warriors and Paladins are great for this, since they can pull, group em up, and stun all of the Abomination to cut down on the damage.

Wait for the Abomination's mortal strike debuff to wear off before you pull again!

Have your third tank (the south one, if you use one), watch for any Abominations that pull automatically in the beginning. If a side tank has to pick up one in between groups, it can greatly lengthen the time your sitting around waiting for the debuff to fall.

When each tank confirms that they have pulled and finished off a second group of Abominations, kick back, and proceed to collect your i226's, with a smattering of achievement points on the side!

"OMG There are more then Abominations on each side, how do we pull them safely?""

Your asking this for one of two reasons. One, you haven't tried - simply aggroing the Abominations will only pull them. Two, you had a paladin throw a holy shield at the Abominations, which bounced around, actually *hit* other mobs, and then they all came running out.

"Any other tips?"

Use Heroism to burn down the second set of Abominations. You probably don't need it, but it will be up with plenty of time for phase three / sub-45% adds.

Don't let melee pets go running off towards Abominations. They will pull other mobs, and make things go slightly longer.

The whole raid will be slightly worse off for mana as a result of killing this many extra Abominations. Take it easy the rest of p1 / p2, so you've got enough blue juice to do killing when the killing is important (45% -> 0%)

Bonus: This post contains the word "Abomination" exactly 18 times. Depending on your DPS vs. WPM, it also probably took you about as long to read as it will to actually do!

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7echno7im said...

Nice write up. For the tanks pulling these aboms, don't be afraid to burn those short cool down during this phase. (SW, LS, dodge trinkets, etc...) By the time you are tanking the adds, they will be off CD.

Also here is the video of us doing it.