Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Three Drake Progress

Last night, we took out latest strategy into OS, and began laying into it in honest. We're using the new Tankspot positioning & tank-taunting trick to avoid big breaths, and a super-stamina feral druid for MTing Sarth.

Three hours, 26 attempts, 50 flasks, and ~5000g in GBank funded repairs - we're closer.

Eventually, you just start getting into the zone. Pull, progress, wipe, run, discuss, buff, repeat. You know your getting there; its just a matter of everyone doing it right at the same time - each pull you know your one step closer.

Really, I hadn't felt this good dying since Archimonde. Both are really fun, challenging fights (and coincidentally, ones that require lots of deaths before people realize that fire is not their friend). And whats even better, is knowing how sweet the boss kill will be. There hasn't been an jump out of your seat and scream bosskill yet - Malygos was good, but not as good as this will be.

Gory Details:

Our first few attempts we were getting down positioning with the new tank, ranged and healers were fighting for prime healing/dpsing turf that was also good for minimizing lava wave movement.

Drake one is dying as drake two lands, provided no melee dies to a void zone. Drake two has gotten down to 35% on our best attempt. Its good to read, as I peruse various discussions of it, that its all downhill after drake two is dead.

So tonight, I'm looking for us to stay alive, and finish that last 35% - then the next two 100%'s in the twilight, the 100% flying around up top, and then that pesky 95% that's been hanging out for the bulk of the fight.

And then jump out of our chairs and scream happy things.


7echno7im said...

I agree about the wiping last night. I was thinking to myself each time running in, man, we have been in here for almost x amount of hours, but I am still having fun. I think the short ghost run helped too. I know we'll get it.

Brandon said...

Once you get Sarth 3D down its a pretty cool feeling. Good luck on the kill tonight.

Herc said...

I agree with brandon, it is a nice change of pace after going thru Naxx.

I believe the turning point is when you can kill the 2nd drake with enough people to finish off the 3rd drake. Even with half the raid left Sartharion with no drakes will pose no problem.