Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh dear. It feels like a while since I've put this keyboard to this page. My appologies.

Anyway - things have not been quite so quiet as you may have led to believe - I'll try to get you all up to speed, so I can get back to beefy posts. In no specific order...

6 Min Malygos: On our previous night, we were getting a consistent 58% when Vortex #2 hit, with a sub-optimal setup - and then doing fine in the second two phases. Tonight, we're returning with a case of potions of speed, more pew-pew, and as much time as we need to not have more then six minutes of time. (think about that one...).

General Membership: We've found a few new DPS'ers, to fill our ranks. I can't say how helpful it is for officers (and myself) to have standby members, so that we can sub out people that are under-performing. During Sunday's return to OS+3, we got things done in a relativly short time after going in with a large group of people that hadn't done it before, since we were able to take out the ones that were slower on learning that fire is bad.

(We are looking for an Elemental Shaman, Feral Druid (DPS-Focus), Shadow Priest - if any of you happening to read this are/have one of those, and are looking for an alliance raiding guild).

Immortal: We're busy trying to finish off Heroic Glory of the Raider, with just Immortal and 6MinMaly left. This last week, we made it through Military, Patch, and Grob without a death. On Gluth, we were short tanks, so I found myself working the back alone. Late in the fight, I dashed off to pick up one, and turned just enough of a degree that the 12+ mobs were able to simultaniously tag me for 3500 damage from behind. It was a low point for me, as far as raids go. We had no other deaths until KT. Though to be fair, I decided to finish KT the following day, and people were just not focused at all on the Immortal aspect - and I don't blame them.

Boredom: When we're working on one of the two remaining achievements, things are pretty good. But there is a noticable drop in interest after we're done with 6 Min attempts, or Immortal gets botched. I think people are ready for new content. Its not that there isn't anything to do in the game - I just think that a decent amount of our guild plays to raid, and raids aren't offering much at the moment.

Yakra's Theories: They are due for an overhaul. I have it on my plate, to get out the scisors and tape, and start revising.

So - now that we're on the same page, lets get back to bussiness as normal.


Darraxus said...

Welcome back!

Aleathea said...

"It's not that there isn't anything to do in the game - I just think that a decent amount of our guild plays to raid, and raids aren't offering much at the moment."

That's the best statement I've read explaining the boredom felt by many raiders right now. I've felt exactly that, but not found the right words to express it. Thank you!

I look forward to reading your "Yakra theories" once you complete your revisions. Welcome back.

Tarsus said...

For some reason I thought you had already gotten Immortal, huh.

Still, I'm sure you're not the only one who has noticed a similar reaction (boredom may be the wrong word, disconnect perhaps?) during non-achievement activities. We've even had issues doing Sarth 3D recently, which has really bummed me out as we could do it regularly as recently as a month ago. The focus seems to remain on 6-Minute Maly (which we've gotten twice, but not all raid team members that want it have it) and Immortal (which no one has). I'm not sure if the two are related, but while morale seems high, performance seems off when we're not on for achievements.

Vads said...

Welcome back, Yakra!

7echno7im said...

Hey Yakra, it's Tsuyo. Glad to hear everything is going well. I still read your posts (I actually use FeedDemon and NewsGator to keep up). Hope all is well. Congrats on all of the achievements.