Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I don't know if I've said this recently - but I think WoW is in a pretty good place, currently.

...has a decent variety of challenge. Siege is all one shot stuff, but FL towers are keeping him interesting. Antechamber has some achievements we've skipped in the interest of downing new bosses, but the fact that we'll be able to work them in when an interest-boost is needed on required-to-move-past kill #41 is nice. Watchers are decent quality difficulty - and where I'm starting to see other guilds get slowed/stopped. Our progression through them has been satisfying - and the final two bosses look exciting and challenging.

Ulduar-10 ideal off night material. Its Ulduar-Light, from a 25 man raiders perspective (over gearing it). It can be done sans consumables and it's easier to deal with asignments (as there is only ever 2 tanks and ~3 healers). The gear isn't anything to sneeze at (sometimes better itemized sidegrades from Naxx25 gear, as well as a good source for offspec gear), and the experience/practice from it transfers well to the 25 man (leading to faster clears).

Questing still unfinished. Aertimus and I are 96/100 Storm Peaks (a push we did just in time for Ulduar). If we're lucky, we'll find time to get through Ice Crown in time for T9 :D. That said, we haven't even touched Argent Tournament stuff yet - something I'm fine with (it'll be there when I get there, and be less busy). It's nice having non-repeatable content to do when we get an urge to play just the two of us.

...are gaining widespread acceptance. Its easier then ever to judge people/guild's abilities and interests, and more and more people are getting drawn into areas of the game they may not have known about / considered (pet collecting, PvP, fishing, ect).

In general - when I log on, I'm always able to find something to do, for however long I want, that is satisfying. I don't have any immediate or urgent complaints. This may be part of my lessened blogging - I have little I feel the need to complain about, and am more focused on just playing, and reporting in on my acomplishments.

That said - I do have a new version of the Theories in the works, and some ideas floating around on the back burner. But in the mean time - consider how WoW is working for you. Is anyone else having the same sense of satisfaction as I am, or am I just crazy?


HP said...

I feel like there's too much to do now in Wow LOL. So I'm never bored if I sign on. Unless I only feel like hanging around Dalaran or something

Kadomi said...

I am pretty bored a lot of the time. As I only raid 10-mans (still doing Naxx), and we are not Ulduar-ready yet, there is not that much to do. On Kadomi I do my cooking and fishing dailies, and that's about it. Tired of the tournament. Only need Borean Tundra and a couple of Icecrown quests for Northrend Loremaster. There's no point in running heroics, other than entertaining others in-guild. With my shaman, I heal a lot of heroics, that is still fun, but I could use some more diversity.

I am still worried about how Ulduar-10 is tuned for people in 10-man gear.

I think there's lots to do for people who raid both 25-mans and 10-mans, but the content-air is very thin for the 'serious but casual' crowd like me.

Franklin said...

I'm kinda bored with it, to be honest.

For whatever reason, I miss the casual raid feel we had at the end of TBC. My guildmates and I could run a few Kara teams thru a week, you could farm badges for good gear upgrades, and the Sunwell dailies were tightly organized and easy to blow through for 100g quick.

Naxx isn't like Karazhan. I can't put my finger on it; I just don't like it as much. The badge gear sucks right now, and is nothing like the stuff we had in TBC.

Maybe it's just that I'm busy with other things, but honestly, I find myself playing other games over WoW at the moment. Maybe I got tired of all the patching and re-speccing. Maybe I'm sick of the leveling grind. The wife and I had 6 level 70's between us. That kept it interesting; we could play a different class every night and not get bored. Now we just have our mains at 80, and it seemed like such a pain in the ass to get there once, we don't really wanna do it again (none of our alts are over 73).