Friday, July 17, 2009

Heartbreaker: XT Hard Mode Guide (10 Man)

This was the first ten man hard mode my group tackled, and has been the most easily repeatable. If you have any two handed weapon users in the group - expect them to want said repeats over and over till Aesir's Edge drops, too.

I suggest 2 Tank, 3 Healer, 5 DPS (with 2+ Ranged) for your composition. It's the most stable comp, and should beat the enrage timer if all members perform reasonably.

The first 25% goes like normal. Don't slack on damage at this point, since you are working against the enrage timer already. Move away with bombs, heal the weaksauce tantrums, and push him into the heart phase.

On the heart, blow heroism, and give it everything you have. All three healers should be DPSing their little healey hearts out. Shattering throw. Army of the Dead. Avenging Wrath. If you can't manage it (perhaps with the help of some speed potions) - you likely aren't ready for the rest of the fight.

When the heart goes over, pop a light cooldown to ease into the increased damage, and tank away (I suggest using some cooldown following every tantrum, while healers get themselves back and casting on you). Ranged will need to peel off momentarily to kill the adds in the bank (that will only spawn this once, since he never goes into heart phases again).

The first thing you'll notice is his increased damage on the tank. Make sure his damage is consistently debuffed, and tanks are rocking survival setups. Next thing you'll notice, is that tantrum damage is increased, to the point of lethality on unhealed targets, even if they aren't taking any other damage. DKs and Druids of all specs can pop IBF and Barkskin on every tantrum to help healing, and non healing-spec paladins and shamans can (and should) drop heals during the duration.

Besides increased damage, your now dealing with enhanced light/gravity bombs. Gravity bombs drop a void zone under the person when they go off. Have gravity bomb affected people head towards the entrance door, and drop off their void zones as tight as possible - like Grobbulus. Make sure they don't get out of range of healers, but are far enough that they don't drag others to them with the explosion. After, *get right back to the group*. People getting spread out hurts healing, makes bomb people have to run further, and in general is a bad idea.

Light bombs spawn an add when they finish. This is where the second tank comes in. Grab them from the person that ran away from the raid, and having them tanked off to the side. Ideally, the ranged shouldn't have to turn at all to kill them. The faster they die, the less AoE damage they do to the raid - so make sure 2-3 ranged immediately kill them as soon as they are tanked. Having one up during tantrum just stresses healers more. The add tank can attack/debuff XT when nothing else is going on - the contribution *will* be noticed.

When all the above aspects are learned, the fight just becomes an endurance battle. DPS has to be strong the whole way through, and even then expect to have close calls on the enrage timer. Healers need to not let anyone go down on tantrums, and use intelligently use cooldowns when a bomb/tantrum combo happens. Tanks need to contribute DPS as best as possible, and keep a steady flow of cooldown use to minimize total damage taken.


Anonymous said...

Do you not tank him between two of the garbage piles? I would think that could help adds phase as fewer to worry about so DPS can go to XT faster.

Chad S. said...

We do, as per the diagram.

Though there are no less adds - the same amount spawn, just from fewer locations (making them easier to deal with).

Anonymous said...

Great guide! I agree that it's definitely one of the easiest hard modes in 10man. The only thing we do differently is we tank him at the stairs and burn the heart with out heroism. If your group has the dps to do so, it ends up being a waste to use it (other than the guarantee of getting it down). We burn the heart and then take down the pummelers/bomb bots. We ignore scrapbots since hes at 100% anyway and then as soon as the pummelers are down we pop heroism. This gives us the most beneficial use of heroism. Also, although we do use 2 tanks for the fight most of the time, we have done it just as successfully with one tank and an MS/Ret/Feral dpser tanking the pummelers. I reccomend using 1 tank only if you tank him at the stairs - it separates the pummelers to each side as to not overwhelm the dps/tank with more than 1 add at a time.

Vads said...

Irony, we tried this boss hardmode just a couple days after reading this guide and it helped me a lot.

Did more or less just as explained except boss was tanked in middle of room, worked out just fine too. :)

Mookey said...

1 tank
2 healers + retri pala (JoL)
7 dps

Works as charm each reset.

Light Bomb person is going next to me slightly behind my line, I taunt spark and then some of the ranged drop big nuke on it, while it pass melee group it's dead by then.

We don't need 2nd tank on 10 man since we don't even get pummeler.

Vads said...

We did Heartbreaker 10 man again and being the 2nd tank in the fight I wasn't exactly kept very busy. I hope we'll do the 1 tank approach next time, something like Mookey said here.