Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keeping Positive

Still no Yogg-25 kill. I'll talk about that in depth when we get him.

Instead, I'm going to try to focus on the things I am looking forward to in 3.2. Of course there are some changes I disagree with in violent and passionate ways - but I think I need to just let that go, and stay positive.

Shield Spec giving rage on block/dodge/parry.

Warrior 2p T9 set bonus (now -2 sec on taunt CD & +5% Dev damage) is slowly getting better. Slowly.

Devastate damage increase.

Engineering. I thought this day would never come.
- Remote Bank Access (via Jeeves). I can now keep my frost resistance gear (and any other random, highly situational crap) out of my bags.
- Dimensional Folder: Northrend Access on a non-hearth CD.
- Steam Powered Auctioneer: Northrend AH access. My bank alt will see far less action.

Raid ID extension. On late-instance progression, this will effectively add 3-6 per week of progression boss attempts (we only raid 3 nights at 3 hours each, so a bit is spent clearing early bosses). With the speed at which we've gone to DEing Uld25 gear and giving tier pieces to 2nd and 3rd specs, I doubt many people will mind the accelerated rate at which we can start finish (and then start farming) the whole instance.

Ability to trade BoP's to other people in the raid & eligible for the kill, in a two hour time window. The end of "ooops, mislooted" or "wait, this isn't as much of an upgrade as I thought" tickets.

So for now, I'm going to hope/assume that the positive changes are going to go through, and the ill-contrived ones will be thrown out. Time will tell.


Tarsus said...

Hang in there, Axiom has been having a time with Yoggy as well.

Everblue said...

The raid extension is now over multiple weeks, so you can keep the instance going for as long as you like.

The shield slam nerf is very unwelcome though. The current thinking on EJ is for an overall dps nerf for prot warriors in 3.2...