Thursday, August 6, 2009

Epics From Head To Toe

For the low, low cost of...
25 Champion Seals
305 Triumph
155 Conquest
110 Valor
40 Heroism
Enough Gold for one AH BoE Epic

You can get this. (Second trinket, Glyph of Indomitability, missing)

You can now equip a warrior head to toe in quality epics (including T9, without stepping into a raid, or relying on a drop (As long as your willing to do the heroic daily for 153 days, that is).

I was looking new gear, and wondered if every slot could be filled in. It is indeed true. And if you want to replace the BoE shield for the Hero Badge one (to stay completely true to the emblem-only theme, go for it).


Veneretio said...

Nice sword choice ;)

Franklin said...

Now you're just being silly with the whining.

153 days of daily heroics. Right. That's realistic. Not to mention absurd from the standpoint that the gear would be quite obsolete by then.

The new badge system is meant to supplement your gear, not become the end-all solution to it.