Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This isn't WoW Related, and I'm aware the very act of bringing up my not currently active blog is likely to give you a reason to finally remove it, but I'm banking on enough of you still subscribing having enough in common with me, that you'll appreciate this...

It's a blog / webcomic, by a close friend of mine. The actions of the characters are directed by the people that leave comments, and it's updated -daily-. Those last two reasons should be enough for you to give it a shot, if not just to add another consistently active blog to your daily reading.

...until I am compelled to share something again - signing out.



Bomaxx said...

I still have your blog saved and I use it to look at other blogs you had on your role call. I hit your link and then looked away but as I did it I realized you posted something. not enough time to check out what you posted but good to see you are still out there..... especially with Cata a few months away :)

MamiKechik said...

hi... just droping here..

Natalie said...

Ahhhh Yakra, I was clicking on "next blog" while I am waiting for my ride home...and of course I stumble upon yours!

I hope you guys are staying well occupied and have lots of fun things to do!

Please tell Aert I rolled a resto druid and now have a resto shammy, a resto druid and a holy priest =)

And that I'm going to race change my NE to a gnome as soon as it is available!

Anyway take care =)


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to click "Next Blog" and read it. God Bless!