Friday, September 12, 2008

Da Bears

Sadly, my Guild only recently started making serious 4th Chest ZA runs recently. We've gotten two, but getting a good, serious group together on an off-night can be a challenge. Regardless, I'd like to share our specific methods/tips. Its a brief overview, and I'll fill in holes for anyone who asks.

Prot Warrior, Feral Druid, Hunter, Enh. Shaman, Resto Druid
^We Drop Grace of Air Totem, Melee DPS has Great Synergy, and I have awesome threat/avoidance.

Prot Paladin, Holy Priest, Mage, Ele. Shaman, Boomkin
^Similarly Well Synergised Caster Group. Could put Resto Druid here, and Add a Melee to G1 (DPS Warrior or Rogue). 

I MT, the Protection Paladin is a T4~ Geared Alt, so he just offheals on Eagle, Cleanses on Lynx, ect. Two Healers gives us higher DPS, but we have to plan Innervates for our Holy Priest on bosses.

Eagle is first - I move to the next stationary group as soon as the Caster Mob is dead, and the Protector has decent threat. The paladin stays in the back for Warriors, and slides up to consecrate. We pull tempest ASAP. First Heroisms on Eagle are at ~90%. 

To get to Bear, we then mount up, and jump the ledge down to the pre-gauntlet area. Our paladin (or mage, or hunter) runs up and shoot the mobs that stand on the ledge with the Bear Boss, so that they just jump/clip down, instead of go around. The balance Druid Sooths Animal on the Bears as the last mob is dying, and I stay ready to tank if there is a resist. If there isn't, we slip by. On bear, we use Heroisms as soon as they are up. (They almost always are not when we start).

On to Dragonhawk, with three Druids ready for Roots. We skip the Handler/Dragonhawk pat right before you get on the temple/stairs, and when fighting the next group, do it all the way at/on the stairs that lead directly up to Dragonhawk. For Dragonhawk himself, we do a full side at a time - all DPS is on hawks as soon as they hatch, to single target them down. Any serious AoE waits until after the Bombs. Heroism is used to DPS boss after all eggs are hatched - With this pace, its possible to beat the enrage / be in it a very short time.

Lynx - I'm sure we could improve our route (I've heard something about huts/ledges) , but we stick to the right, and pass the hut on our immediate right. The raid gets waterwalk, and circles through the water. The first pack of Lynxes can be drug into the corner on your far right as you enter in - that lets you fight them outside the patrol route, and then engage the patrol on your own terms. When you get into Lynx's room - plan pulls around the location of the pat. If its not readily pullable, take the 3 pack into the FAR corners of the antechamber - if anyone isn't in the corner, they'll pull the pat (if it walks by). Heroism's on Eagle at any point they are up.

In General - The 4 Chest Run is a pretty challenging, fun experience. Aertimus has commented that the fast pace and challenge of it has made her a better healer, I think it's made me a more aware tank. For it to be attempted, though, it takes a serious group who are ready to use full consumables, and Potion/Drums the whole way through. I'm pretty heartbroken that the bear mount is getting taken out in patch 3.0, instead of WoTLC release - as four chest runs will likely die off. However - its never too late to start. For me - I'll be content knowing that I was part of successful bear runs, and 1/10 owner of at least two bears. 


Kadomi said...

Crossing fingers you can still get a few timed runs in before the big 3.0 hits us all and changes WoW forever. :)

With my own guild we're still working on ZA, currently sitting at the big awful stumbling stone of Dragonhawk without a protection paladin available. My goal before WotLK is to actually see Hex Lord and Zul'jin. We haven't really been close to any timed chest yet, we have bad luck on Bear with the last pull, and on Eagle we also suffer from lack of prot paladin during the gauntlet.

Oriniwen said...

1. Kill pack of momma cat + kittens to the right.
2. Kill similar pack to the left
3. Kil patrol of two trolls + two cats.
4.Head forward and to the left a bit. Into the window of the hut. And out the window across from there. Repeat with the next hut you see directly in front of you; in one window, out the other. Now you will see a ledge off to your left. Follow this ledge along, huggin it tight, and make the left corner. You should be at the point where you pull the troll + 2 crocs pull.

Doable without pally. We just use a *lot* of druids for the gauntlet and several good locks for the boss himself.