Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wrath Release Plans

By now, you all know Wrath is comming out on Thu, Nov. 13th.

I'm anticipating that the servers, ect. will be FUBAR all Thursday, or at least the chance is so high, that its not worth taking that day off. So - I'll be picking up my (and Aertimus's) pre-ordered copy after work on Thursday, and get them installed before she gets home. 

Depending on the congestion of Darkspear, we'll either dig in that afternoon, or that night after a nap. We're both taking off Friday (woo!), so the whole weekend is cleared for a non-stop wrath experience.  We don't plan on rushing through particularly fast - Aertimus is sure to keep me from that, but I don't plan on being a slouch either.

The only thing I'm still trying to figure out, is what I'll be sugesting our guild do as we level. My current idea, is to encourage all guild five man runs at our normal raid time, to keep people in the habit. We (officers) would help assemble groups, and use the Gbank to fund respec's. I wasn't with a steady guild over the Vanilla Wow -> TBC transition, so I'm not sure what will work the best. Idea's are apprecciated. 


Veneretio said...

Last expansion one of the most fun experiences was getting to play with people from other guilds that normally were cooped up in raids all year.

It's a unique time of year and one of the few times that as officer that you can literally slack off completely. Those times are so rare that I urge you slack off!!! :P

Chad S. said...

I had the same experience - tanking for some of the top dps/healers on our server in Ramparts, BF, ect. A group of us cleared both back to back at level 60, and it was a hugely awesome way to start off Wrath.

I hadn't really considered how much fun that was when I came up with the in-guild groups idea.

(Also, Honored to have you here!)

Anonymous said...

We actually had an impromptu guild meeting about this last night. Basically, we're not asking that anyone push themselves faster than they'd like, but hope that everyone teams up to quest/group quest/dungeon.

I'm REALLY looking forward to leveling again.