Monday, September 29, 2008

Illidan Kill Two, and Return to SSC

Our second Illidan Kill took just under an hour, from zoning to looting - something like four attempts. Considering we had a different flame tank, at least two new healers, and a handful of new DPS - it was really great. Another thing I'm particularly happy about, is that this entire weeks BT clear and Illidan kill has happened in the immediate wake of the Guild Master title changing hands. We haven't missed a step, in what is typically a guild shattering event. I'm just rather happy with everyone today: Our old GM (for orchistrating this change so well), our officers (for their continued support), and our Raiders in general (for their great performance, and confidence in me). 

I should mention - I nearly wiped us. Right before the last transition into Demon Phase, we were at ~3%. I stayed in too long, hoping we'd kill him, and built an unfortunatly large amount of threat on the demon. When I realzied I should get out of there, I ended up getting a portion of the raid shadow blasted once or twice. We still got the demons down and finished the last 3%, but I felt rather silly.

So, with our remaining two hours, I made the call to go to SSC so we can do half of the Hand of Ad'al title stuff (Fathomlord Quest, and Vial). We skipped Hydross, Lurker, Morogrim, and killed Fathomlord in two attempts (on the first, we had the hunter pet tank go down from a Cataclysmic Bolt). Considering that probably half the raid hadn't seen the fight previously, it only added to my general satisfaction.  Many people got their quest from the guy-in-a-cage.

We went to Vashj next, but were unfortunatly running out of time.  We didn't have any of the ranged DPS officers that had done assignments for sides back when we did it last night, so our Melee DPS officer had to quickly throw those together. That was unorganized, which didn't make healing assignments easy. In the end, we only did one attempt. Rather then keep the raid late on a non-progression night, I polled people, and all those that needed vials said they could make a impromptu Monday raid - so thats the plan tonight. In retrospect - we should have killed Lurker so we wouldn't have to reclear trash, but I suppose those are the breaks. 

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