Friday, September 26, 2008

Lets Try This Shared Topic Thing

Blog Azeroth has something called Shared Topics. You probably know that. The current one seems pretty popular (How you would improve your Profession), and I haven't seen an engineering one - so I'll take a stab at it.

Current Major Perks of being an Engineer - 
  • Flying Mount (Purely Cosmetic).
  • Epic Goggles (In most cases, T5 equiv, with T6+ upgrade pattern being widely unavailable).
Current Minor Perks of being an Engineer - 
  • Can craft BoE Epic Gun, Repair Bot, 
  • Teleporters (of which my Teleport Gadgetzan was replaced with the CoT Rep Portal)
  • Grenades (expensive)
  • Outdated Trinkets (+45 Stam and a fun on-use, decent for tanks).
  • Updated Stam Trinket. Seems awesome, but time will tell.
  • Updated Guns - DPS and Tanking Flavors
  • Bag Space Saving Items - Flavorful, and Functional.
  • Portable Mailbox, Vendor, Auctioneer - As mailbox was suppose to be in BC release, I'm sceptical of all these.
  • ...and my most hoped for, yet largest let down... Item Augmentations (Enchants) - including Belts ! (One, Two) - Note: These do not stack with enchantments.
Summary of Wrath Announced Stuff- 
More of the same, and a pretty big let down on item augmentations. Things like shooting flames from your hands are cool, but they really won't take the place of enchantments unless they are superior for at least some situation. And putting them on a spare item just brings us back to square one, where we had to carry them around as trinkets. The space saving stuff is cool, and is needed, but it won't be a reason to take the profession.

What I'd like to see - 
  • An extra trinket slot granted through a belt augmentation (Holy Utility Belt, Batman!). Even if it were an engineering only trinket, this would put us in line with other profession's "profession only" type buffs. 
  • The other item augmentations (cloak, boots, hands) could either be made to stack with enchants, or be buffed to the point that they are superior. IE, The parachute cloak could grant dodge or agility as well, the rocket boots may have stamina and passive speed increase as well, or the hand enchants deal random fire damage (similar to Fiery Weapon). 
  • Better Ammo. Best in slot ammo would give us a guaranteed money maker. Something flavorful like bonus elemental damage or effects on different types of shells would be great as well (Frost Shells, Shock Shells, Screaming Shells (high threat). 
  • Special "Clips" that stack ammo higher would also be a godsend to raiding hunters. Imagine a 1000 Ammo Clip that takes up one slot?
  • Idols/Librams/Totems - Let us make Gutenberg's Libram, why not? Give us ranged craftables for everyone. It would be a little bit of a strech, but would make engineering king of at least one equipable slot (since JCing has taken us off the trinket pedestal). Even better, it would help take them off of boss loot tables 

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