Friday, September 19, 2008

Raid Synergy and Raid Wide Buffs

My initial reaction to the anti-raid stacking changes (buffs going raid wide) was negative. 

One of the things I really enjoy is composing groups - finding just the right way to squeeze the most synergy out of the group, weighing the pros and cons of putting X class/spec into Y group. Would I make a survivability focused tank group (Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Paladin), or a Threat focused one (I liked a Shaman/GoA, 2x Hunter, Feral Druid group). Do we crank the dps synergy, or the healers? 

After talking it over with some people, I'm starting to see the plan behind all this

(In theory) - I'll be able to bring players because they are good, rather then because we want/need X class. I can think of many times we've had to deny guild membership to, or bench quality members of a certain class - because we were "full" on them (in general, or for a certain fight). 

Archimonde was probably the best(worst?) case of this. As Alliance, Shamans are still somewhat of a commodity, and we wanted 4-5 tremor totems for Archimonde's fears. When we couldn't fill that number, our standards (unofficially) got lower for shaman apps. We did get some excellent shamans, but I think I can also say that we got some that would otherwise not have been recruited. 

Progressing elsewhere, I noticed that certain people were sat out, (presumably) because of their class. Our Balance Druids come to mind - two great veteran players, but our caster DPS officer found it hard to justify raid slots for both of them, so we often would only have one or the other (if we had one at all). 

I also am happy this will let us function on a smaller player base in general. Rather then have extras of each class (ie, Warlock, Mage, SPriest) - so we don't run low/out of one on any given night - we could instead just have an extra dps caster, and know that we won't be suffering for lack of buff/debuff/synergy. 

I'm sure there will still be some amount of Min/Max potential, but I look forward to raiding along side my guild's best players, not necessarily the most beneficial characters. 

How about you? Feelings/thoughts on raid synergy changes?

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musingsofaraider said...

I LIKE this change. I'm a spriest who started after BC was released, so I've never had to fight for my raid spot - it was a guaranteed, because the raid needed the buff/debuff only I could provide. (There's some image of Smoky the Bear in there somewhere...)

Blizz is making it so you can raid with your friends, and the really talented people in your guild, and don't necessarily have to bring that noob < insert class here > because they're the only one that can give a buff you need.