Monday, September 22, 2008

Illidan Down, and Guild Master-Ness

3rd Attempt of Last Night. Everyone did awesome from start to finish, and those last 30% just slipped away. A total of 12 Hours was spent by LOKI.

Illidan was certainly the most difficult fight I've tanked - requiring an insane amount of concentration, flawless shield blocking, positioning, and cooldown managment. All of the traps placed in p5 were terrible, so I ate all the enrages (which really weren't that bad). I'm glad that I did it pre 3.0, when Sheer is supossedly getting removed (I'd liken it to Archimonde having Fear removed - a fairly key part of the fight). 

After the dust had setteled, and the phat (non-tank) loots distributed, Ruffianx (our GM) did some promoting. He had announced a week prior that he would be leaving WoW to get a better grip on his real life, but wanted to finish Illidan with us. I was made the new Guild Master of LOKI, a change that seems to have been well recieved by everyone. Jerey, our Paladin tank, was promoted to Tanking Officer.

I believe I'll be able to lead LOKI to future glory in Wrath and Beyond (with the invaluable assistance of our officer base), but it will certainly be a different place without Ruffianx. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, on both Illidan and the GM promotion!

That's HUGE!

Kadomi said...

Grats! Well done.

Veneretio said...

BTW tell your guild stop killing Ibex already. :P

We tank bloggers gotta stick together!

veneretio said...

p.s. You should shoot me an email, I have an offer for you that'll expire before Friday, October 3rd.