Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Sunwell Experience

I haven't been to the Isle in a long time, with raiding and leveling alts doing most of my funding. I had forgotten the sometimes epic world PvP (the only kind I can really get into) that can happen, and started up a pre-raid group to teach some gank-happy members of the opposite faction a lesson or two in unfair. My secret trick, is to wear my T6, equip my Torch of the Damned, and pretend I'm a full S3 Warrior. Its great when they try to focus fire me down =D

But anyway - PvE. Sunwell trash was pretty easy, rolling along with three mages. The scouts (think of ZA scouts, only 26k HP, unsnarable, and they summon super robots of doom) only wiped us once, and I'm certain that was only because I didn't know about a hidden inactive protector that it had the chance to run to. We ended up getting one trash epic (Healing Wand), two smelting books, and two sunmotes.

And then Kalecgos. I've missed fighting Dragons - Ever since Ony/BWL, I haven't fought a real, fleshy dragon (aka, not Nightbane). He did not disappoint.

Our best attempt was 44%/56%, which I don't think is too bad (first number is the dragon's health, second is the demon's - and both have to die at virtually the same time). He was far squishier then I was expecting, but arcane buffet and the Demon's damage potential was not to be underestimated. There's so much to communicate, I think parsing what we actually say on vent will get important. 

The biggest problem we had was probably getting enough heals into the first portal, along with the tank. Our first tank in the demon realm was consistently being killed, which left no one to relieve me in the dragon realm - which led to me dying. Not a terrible problem, and one that I'm sure there are a few ways we can figure out how to deal with.

Our tank lead mentioned that he had read a ~190 Arcane Resist tank could solo tank the dragon the whole time, and resist enough arcane buffets to live comfortablly. I think this is something I'm going to look into seriously, as tank transitions in general can be messy (HoTs not being on, casts needing to be restarted, ect).

And so we press on!


Brandon said...

Excellent blog you have here. Always interesting to hear someone else thoughts on raid content. But yeah. The portals are the biggest road block. Once everyone learns how and when to go through the portals, and the tanks keep the rotations together its pretty simple.

Aylii said...

My guild has set up a 4 portal rotation that seems to have worked very well.

Everyone follows their own group, and the dps / healers that haven't gone in the first two portals start watching for the 3rd and 4th portals to get in asap, to help clear the arcane debuff. Pallies / Mages / Rogues go last as they can clear the debuff.

We have melee stand on one side of kalecgos and the tanks on the other side, and when the tanks go in the portal, two of the melee switch to the other side, to make sure no one in the melee group gets portal-killed.

Spread out, watch your debuffs, and keep healing up.