Monday, October 6, 2008

Next: Kalecgos

Last night's third Illidan Kill (which Netted my the Faceplate, and T6 Chest!) has officially moved him off the progression list, and onto the farm list. This meen progression for LOKI has officically shifted to Sunwell!

I was hoping to get us there Sunday after Illidan, but things took a little longer. We're trying to get everyone in for a kill, and sometimes there are hickups.  So Tuesday, we go in guns-(and/or arrows)-a-blazin. 

I know I should be deciding on a "goal" for progression before the XPac hits, but I really don't want to limit myself. From a guild that spent less then three hours on their first Bloodboil, Shaz, and RoS kills - I'd like to think that execution is a strong point of ours. Ergo, Kalecgos should go down pretty easy. 

As for Brutallus - what we lack in warglaves, may potentially be made up in 3.0. I haven't heard if they are altering enrage timers to fit the health nerf. If they are, or if 3.0 is just going to make things easier in general, that may remove the potential roadblock of not having 1+ Warglave Set Rogues. 

Besides progression, I need to do a typical bank cleaning. I still have MC/BWL items in there that are just too sentamental. While the pet/mount space being freed up is nice, armor is really my weak point. While I know player housing is probably never happening, I can still dream of an armor rack I can put my dusty old plate onto, and view its antiquated majesty.

I also want to set up my alts for more permant storage. I plan on banking virtually all of the ore I mine while leveling, either towards getting some of the crafted blacksmithing gear, or rerolling BS if the Mining health buff isn't doing it for me come raid time. 

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