Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glitch King

Well - Limited Success with my plans for last night.

The patching went allright, but Darkspear was one of the later servers to go up - and when it did, it was hardly functioning. I sat on the loading screen for ten min, but it did load!

Spec'ing went fine. I then learned all my non-combat pets, and was one of the hojillion people getting the "Can I keep it?" Achievement. I went off in search of a combat dummy to try my new attacks on, but couldn't get through any of the Shat Portals, and was hit with a server crash. Sigh.

20 Min getting back in, but we're here. Talents are unspent. Go to check pets - GASP - only 5 of the 15 some I learned are in my pet tab, but the item is still missing from my bank/inventory. This will not be an OK thing. Not even the stable master could return them to me. Grr.
EDIT: This is being addressed.

A portal finally kicked in, 5 min after I had clicked it, and rocketed me to Stormwind. The barbershop was AWESOME looking, and the interface was alot of fun. I tried twice to get my haircut, gave up, and left. In the spirit of patch day, I was teleported BACK to the barbershop after I had made it to old town, and was trying new attacks, and the haircut went through.

Oh - Achievements! Those were working, even when none of the NPCs would spawn. I'm at 1200 atm, counting the haircut I got. I'm going to get really into them - I can tell already. There just look like there are so many fun ones - and it helps that I have one main, have never switched mains, and can't imagine myself doing so in the future.

And of course, due to this magnificent chaos, raiding was a complete impossibility, so I called it off. Hopefully - tonight things will be on the mend, and I'll have some meaty reporting to do. Until then!


Arideni said...

Gotta love those rollbacks. Oh, how I remember them. Interesting read, I look forward to a lag-free version.

Oh, don't forget that picture of the new hairstyle!

Franklin said...

Gaaah! I had awesome gear (like, BT-quality stuff according to, and after patch, I'm below 490 def (like, 454.. wayyy below).

Am I screwed?

Arideni said...

Well, the way works is it sets you up against a progression line & rates your gear against where they think you could be.

Everyone lost defense skill because of the way Anticipation changed. Minus 20 defense skill equates to approximately 48 defense rating.

Defense enchants such as the one to chest (start here since health doesn't scale with Blessings). Follow it up with cloak & bracers if you have no gear to swap.

Franklin said...

Ahh... ok.

I have 51 resilience. So, according to this site:

I only need like 458 to be uncrittable - I'm at 451 now. If I get the chest enchant, am I good to go? I don't like over-capping def. rating, as I'd rather work on capping hit and stacking stamina.

I'm extremely happy with the patch otherwise - the dps output increase is incredible, and the improvement to Thunderclap pretty much changes my life. :-)

Chad S. said...

Screwed is a harsh term.

As Arideni pointed out, people that relied on lots of Badge gear just need to enchant / gear a little different for some +Def.

Resil is an option as well, but only if its allready on something your using (Shield, Shoulders).

Franklin said...

Yeah, I'm fine now. Just took Arideni's suggestion and did the chest enchant.

Thanks everyone for the input.

arideni said...

Hope you don't mind my posting, Yakra! I couldn't help, but see the little email in my inbox — begging me to post.

Love your blog, very interesting so far (unlike mine which rambles about crap & then gets recycled posts of mine. Rawr.

Franklin said...

Agreed... great blog... wish I'd found it sooner. :-)

Chad S. said...

It hasn't been around that long, your still getting in on the ground level.

And Arideni - your always welcome to post! Be it reinforcing a standard principle of tanking, or offering a new view on a contested topic, its always well thought out and presented.