Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plan Of Attack!

Old Business:

Kalec to 13% / 23%. Thats a kill in 3.0 speak, with the -30% health nerf. We were using Violet Badges, but I'm going to go ahead and also require Cloaks of Arcane Evasion with +15 AR enchant, for a nice chunk of resist. 

New Business: My Plan of Attack for Tonight (3.0)

1) Spec to 5/0/56. The lone point in Imp Shield Reflect was my only swing point, and its directed towards my current progression (Kalec).
2) Check and Fix my Mods. Some type of Scrolling Combat Text, Deadly Boss Mods, and a Bar Mod are my only necessities. 
3) Check my achievement points, and compare to anyone who will listen.
4) "Train" all my vanity pets, and marvel in my bag space. Talk to a stable master to get back any I may have deleted.
5) Check out the Barbershop! I'm happy with my hair, but I'll take a look.
6) Stroll around Stormwind Harbor
7) Check out the spot where Darlaran use to be
8) /cower
9) Double check consumables, repairs, and head to BT for a night of relearning what buttons to push!

I'm excited. In a good way. I'm getting the feeling that as long as there are working servers, LOKI will be able to bash its way through BT, and overcome any change-related learning that we need to. Bosses are just going to melt, with the increased raid DPS, and decreased health. As long as healers aren't too thrown off with no downranking and a lone potion, we should (hopefully) be 30% Faster. And then there's raid wide buffs - I can't imagine how crowded thats going to look on the side of my screen. 

I'll be sure to let everyone know how things are going as they happen. And I'll be updating Yakra's Theories on Tanking as I feel comfortable with the new talents and such. I actually should archive and modify that now...

I really, really hope WWS works - because I can't wait to see the hard numbers for all this. 


Talldar said...

Actually I think things are gonna be a lot more than 30% easier:

It's -30% physical dmg, -30% health (both on Bosses & Trash), plus I'd estmate +20% dps/heal.

Add those up and you'll most likely be able to deal with most of the stuff out there with about half the hassle from now on :)

Chad S. said...

I haven't seen an official -30% all bosses. I know standard melee DPS output is reduced on some mobs, but I'm not going into thing expecting it to be across the board.