Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Get No: Satisfaction (& Titles)

There was recently a near-fatal collision at the corner of hardcore st. and casual lane. EMTs were on the scene quickly, and were able to cut off the supply of fuel to the flames.

No, really. A fairly typical argument about "earning" epics, being turned into "hardcores" being butthurt about "easy to get" T6 equiv, and now casuals being able to collect BT/Hyjal gear in pugs cheapening / not cheapening content.

I figure I'll weigh in on all this. 

I get satisfaction from this game by knowing that the team I run is good. The only way to judge this, is to compare how many other people have completed what we have (though try to see the difference between what I just said, and the idea that I need to 'feel superior' than others). When we broke into the top 2000 US guilds / the top 5% of raiding guilds, I had some genuine pride. It was based on knowing that we had overcome difficult challenges - not the gear that resulted, or having seen a particular boss. 

I don't mind that T4 raiders are pugging BT and succeeding since 3.0. It doesn't diminish my accomplishment (Clearing everything through 23% Kalecgos pre 3.0). If I used gear as a marker for what I've done, it may have. But I don't. 

Now, I think that one of the things that made 3.0 easier for me personally to swallow - was remove the ability to get titles / bear mounts. Having Hand of Ad'al is a distinguishing mark that I did a certain piece of content at a certain difficulty level, at the intended level. 

What sweetens this setup, is that I haven't seen a single QQ from someone who has done ZA / T5 / ect since 3.0, and is angry they can't get the titles. They get loot, and to see content - I get a displayable feature that doesn't have any effect on the game, except to show off. Unfortunately, there were only titles for some content: T4 (Champion of the Naruu) and T5 (Hand of Adal) - and a special mount for 4-Chest ZA. 

The BC formula, to lift attunements and gradually nerf content into pugabilitty, seems like its here to stay. All I can hope, is that there are more cosmetic bonuses for those that put in the time and effort to ride the wave of top end, challenging content. As far as I'm concerned, everyone wins. 

...thats what I say


Herc said...

"OMG your wearing T6 and you're a scrub! This is preposterous!"

I think that's the feeling of "old" raiders. Feeling of entitlment, the need to feel superior or at the very least .. unique.

I guess other people in t6 or sunwell gear looks down on me cause they had them first or did those events first and now they are not the only ones infront of ALdor/scryers bank showing off their purplz.

If you're one of those that hates pugs for completing t6 content:
Get over yourself, seriously. You already beat the game in "Normal" mode and one of the first ones to get those leet items. Gratz. Now let the other players get to see some content and enjoy their new shiny epics till Mudflation comes around the corner.

I definetly agree on more cosmetic bonuses for the players who has taken the time to finish their attunements and completed raids/encounters on "normal" mode. Keeps people more competitive.

How about a Tabard or more mini pets for rewards?

BT tabard ye that's ballin right there or an Illidan mask? These would go under Feats of Strenght Achievements.

fshalor said...

I remember a comment from a friend who is a main healer for a Sunwell farming guild elsewhere. When I mentioned out time table through MH and into deep BT, she got this funny look on her face.

She started looking us up on armory, and came back with the comment: "But you're not geared! How are you moving so fast?"

The only reply I could think of was "because we're not in it for the gear".

I'm glad we weren't focused on the gear, and getting everyone "Full Tier # ". We wouldn't have seen Illidan down on our own terms pre nerf. We'd probably still be in MH farming with nights of SSC for pally pieces.

I know it was tough for you guys to keep us progressing without getting too fixated on loot from cleared content Yakra, but most of us do thank the leadership for it.

Herc said...

People have to remeber that guilds have cleared BT with not so much T5 gea. Same with SSC when it first came out people were not full kara geared but hell pre bc naxx geared. And BT geared guilds got to Twins/Muru after a 2-3 weeks. Of course the guilds I mentioned are the top guilds but there is a lesson there ...

As people get geared it's just more of a buffer for mistakes during raid.

Arideni said...

As the game itself progresses through time many naturally feel as if things must get bigger, harder & moar bling. However, the real joy is in the content & perhaps not nearly as much aesthetically as it is creatively.