Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't Stop (Believing)

There are tons of ways you can end up dead, in an otherwise ongoing fight. You pulled aggro, didn't get out of fire, got randomly selected to get owned by some special ability - whatever. But your contribution to the fight does not end there.

Even while hugging the ground, you have valuable perspective on the fight - possibly even more so because you aren't worrying about DPSing, Healing, Tanking, ect. This is your chance to make a difference!

If there is some ability/timer/percentage being called out, that someone living is doing - take charge of it. The person relieved of that duty will perform better. 

This is probably the most important thing you can do when dead. With the raid down a person, everyone else is going to need to focus even harder. Although a person outside the instance (but in the raid) can read raid warnings as well - they cannot see boss cast bars, boss health, or any visual only environmental hazards. 

If there are battle rezzes / ankhs available - be prepared to accept/use them. Remember that it is not always smart to hit "Accept" as soon as it pops up - the person that rezzed you may have had to move out of some AoE since casting the rez, or there may be some upcoming raid-wide damage that a fresh, low health, unbuffed version of yourself cannot handle. You need to be watching for these things, lest you waste raid resources.

However - do not request a BRez ("Rez Me!"), or decide to Ankh, on your own. Calling for Brez'es or Ankhs is best done by the raid leader / an officer - though you may want to ask them "Do you want Yakra to be rezzed?". Don't be shocked if the answer is a gruff "No", if your method of dying doesn't warrant a second chance.

I can say, as a raid leader, that non-officers who take it into their own hands to make decisions about how raid resources (rezzes, wipe protection, heroism) are allocated - tend to do so poorly. There is a time when the raid leader knows its going to end up a wipe, but wants to keep going for practice - these are not the times for long cooldowns, though a normal raider may not know that. Trust in the decisions of your raid leaders is key, for them to orchestrate success.

A particularly irksome action, is for a shaman to ankh right after they die, without saying anything, to try and cover up a mistake. I once Gkicked a Enh. Shaman for doing this repeatedly on Archimonde - especially since all he did was soul charge the raid twice (he was terrible at not being on fire). 

I've also had people walk away from their computer, or take off headphones, after dying - either our of frustration, or for some other reason. There was one case where a rogue proximity aggro'ed Kaz'rogal after trying to distract him, died, and then left his computer. He got Battle Rezzed, but never took it. While that didn't end in a kick (it was an isolated problem) - he got hell for it. 

So - if you absolutely must take a dirt nap mid-encounter, do everything you can to lessen the burden of 24 manning a boss! You will look better for it (though not as good as if you had stayed alive :P )


Arideni said...

I can do some encounters perfectly & then get on my rogue or some other character only to die several times in a night. It isn't from aggro issues, it's from stupid stuff.

Not even dying, I've made at least two silly mistakes before.

1) I clicked a mage portal not paying attention, thinking it was a summon portal,

2) I had the Gadgetzan Transporter trinket equipped & attempted to use my DPS trinkets during a boss encounter where everyone stacks on top of each other. I was DPSing hard, but my character was ported to Gadgetzan.

Don't even ask, lol.

Kadomi said...

Calling out battle rezzes is my greatest weakness as raid leader. And still, I kinda don't like when people ankh or BR without checking first. In an ideal world they'll check with me first.

Franklin said...

Great stuff, as always. I find it very frustrating when someone dies in a boss encounter and then decides it's a good time for a smoke break or something. Especially on 10-man raids - it's very noticeable to the rest of the group.

Namthe said...

In terms of my own POV, if anyone's calling out for a battle res it's almost always going to be a wipe already.

Once everyone;'s at the top of their game, they stop dying to idiotic stuff and it all falls into place.

Aertimus said...

Little difficult to do when the people who are still alive insist on calling skills/timers anyway, so all you are doing is cluttering vent. Or when you have been flat up told by the raid leader/GM that you aren't getting a rez.

Cynra said...

One of the things that I hate is when a wipe occurs on a near boss downing (1-5%) and someone received a battle res during combat but failed to accept it because he chose to go AFK! Hate it! So much!

I love well-oiled raid machines that automatically choose the optimal time and place to do what needs to be done. A damned good shaman usually knows the best time to ankh up. A good druid takes advantage of his battle res cooldown to bring up whatever the raid needs. With someone leading it helps take a lot of that question away (as well as the responsibility), but the people that I remember best are the ones who intuitively choose the right moment to do the right thing that typically helps aid in a success!

Herc said...

I took a dirt nap during Illidari council at 98% pre 3.0 and got the loot after the kill /shame

They saved their Brezes for healers.

Franklin said...

They SHOULD save Brez for healz.

We found a druid over the weekend who raided with us and was just MONEY on the Brez and innervate. He knew when was the right time to hit it, every time, and if there was any doubt, he asked first.

Dude's specced feral dps, and while I prefer boomkin/resto for raid utility, I will take that guy with me EVERY time because he knows how to play.