Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wrath Goals

A few weeks ago, there was a flurry of postings all around the interwebs, regarding peoples goals before Wrath hit. While I'm sure many people completed most of their goals, I'm sure some things will just be left undone. 

That's why, I'm going to start outlining my goals/priorities for Wrath Now, so that I can see the whole path ahead of me. In a somewhat chronological/importance-based order...
  1. Yakra 70 to 80
  2. Yakra's Mining to 450
  3. Get BoE Blacksmith Upgrades Crafted
  4. All Gear Northrend Enchanted, Rare Gemmed
  5. Yakra's Engineering to 450
  6. Clear all 25-Man Content with LOKI
  7. Grow the Guild Bank through sale of BoE Epics - Use Guild Money to Fund Repairs, Finish Buying GBank Tabs
  8. Max Cooking, First Aid (if not allready)
  9. Clear all 10-Man Content, at least once, on off-nights
  10. Do every set of holiday achievements on Yakra, as they come.
  11. Finish reasonably possible achievements on Yakra.
  12. Level my Warlock 70 to ??, Until I have enough herbs to max Alchemy on my mage (Just sit on 350 tailoring).
  13. Level my Mage 64 to 80, Maxing Alchemy and Tailoring.
  14. Level my Paladin 70 to 80, Casually leveling Blacksmithing and Mining along the way.
  15. Finish Leveling my Warlock. Consider dropping tailoring for Inscription.
1-6 are the time critical ones, I'd like to further LOKI's rank on the server.
12-13 are optional, and likely to change, but I think I'd like to give my mage a chance as my pewpew alt.

I'm sure that more things will come up as I go, but that's my sorta game plan. The exact order was a little harder to nail down then I thought. What is your plan of attack?


Franklin said...

I've got a pally and warrior tank to level to 80. That's obviously job one.

After that, I'm really looking forward to the 10-man raid content for my guild. It's always been much easier to get 10 mans together on a consistent basis for us, and due to the fact that I'm on 128k ISDN, 25 man content often lags me offline entirely.

Herc said...

Level 70-80! In a week or so.

Max up mining cause I need gold

Get the best gear I can get to prepare raiding Naxx either from 5mans or craftable items

Do some Naxx!