Monday, November 24, 2008

Updates All Around

Well, first off - I'm level 77. Got two levels on Saturday, hoping to finish off 80 by the end of this coming weekend.

Still having a blast, but a little sad that 25 man content is getting pugged (successfully) left and right. I was really under the impression that ten man content would be for casual players, and 25 man stuff would take coordinated efforts by regular groups. I know its entry level content, but it should still take more then a random grouping of 25 people to do.

This level of difficulty kinda undercuts Naxx as a training ground for new guilds. I know that LOKI grew the most while doing Kael and Archimonde, based on sheer force of will, dedication to a cause, and fortitude in the face of countless wipes. Even Kara early on required newer players to have gone through the pre-raid gearing experience in order to get far.

*Sigh* - Despite all other things, I can't complain too much, since I haven't cleared it yet.

Oh, and I did say update(s) Plural.

My WoWHead Post got its gear list updated for Naxx. Its pretty comprehensive, and helped me identify a few BoE's I need to be looking out for along the way. Take a look!


Brandon said...

Very nice post on wowhead. I read the entire thing. As far as Naxx, just sit back and enjoy it man. Its a sharp 180 from progression raiding in Sunwell but we had 10x more fun as a guild. The good stuff is coming soon so Im not worried.

Franklin said...

From what I understand, Naxx is not a big challenge for formerly T6 guilds. Once you know the boss fights, it's fairly simple, especially if you were already well geared and an experienced raider.

But you have to keep it in perspective - it's entry level.

Blizz can't win either way. With TBC, they got ripped by the hardcore players for making the gear curve too sharp.

In WotLK, they made the curve a lot more gentle, and they're getting ripped for making it too easy.

I think they've made the end-game content more accessible, and that's a good thing. When you consider all the work that must have gone into developing instances like BT, Hyjal, Sunwell, etc., and that maybe 5% of the WoW population ever got to see it, well, that's sort of a shame.

Arideni said...

Yep. Maybe we can revisit the Sunwell in the fifth expansion, lol?

I'm glad to see & visit Naxxramas, don't take it the wrong way. I never got to originally, but if it is merely a shadow of its former self, perhaps I'll never truly see Naxxramas.

I've been slow, but I'm to hit 80 by this weekend & our guild starts on Naxxramas. There are already pugs for it on my server as well, and the first couple weeks were jammed with 'Realm First!' announcements of Heroic 25-man raids. It's really quite disenheartening.