Monday, December 1, 2008

Well Fed & 80

Two things came of this extended, holiday weekend...
I ate lots of turkey and pie, enough that I think I'll be imagining a wedge of cheese in a box hovering over my head for some time.
I hit 80, last night, far past when I should have gone to sleep.

First, a look back on leveling.

If you can't tell from the picture, I'm in Grizzly Hills (less then halfway through). The attack plan was Howling Fjord -> Borean -> Dragonblight -> Grizzly Hills. Somewhere between those last two, I started running instances like crazy to get the normal lv 80 dungeon drops, and rep that I wanted (Wyrmrest) - so questing fell by the wayside. In general, the questing in Northrend is the most enjoyable I've experienced in WoW, and I'm looking forward to continuing through it for Lore (and Phat Goldz). I realize that not having unlocked some of the reputations and starting work on their dailies (Sons of Hodir) will hurt, so those are going to be fairly high on my priority list.

I kept alot of gear. I'd like to think that I'm not the crazy sentamentalist whom can't get over blues being better the purples - but I really don't think I've come across replacements for my Pendant of Titans, T6 Shoulders, T6 Chest, T6 Boots, T6 Gloves, Brutalizer, Shadowmoon Insignia, and Girdle of Stability. I think most of them got extended life by having so many sockets, that I could stick +16 Defense / +24 Stamina gems into. There are a few Wrath pieces I want to work in as soon as I don't need that socketed defense, so I can get more armor/HP - but I need to get a few things done before then.

I never ran Halls of Stone (awkward level, no rep) or Utguard Pinnicle (nothing Aertimus was interested in). I ran Oculus more times then I'll admit (fun, short, and dragons). The five mans were nice for leveling, and I'll want to get all the heroic achievements eventually, but I might need a break from them for awhile after I get at least some of the heroic drops I want.

I made a ton of money. Then I spent it, getting mats for my Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, Titansteel Shield Wall, Durable Nerubian Cloak, and leveling Engineering to make my Goggles. Having those boosts to my gear when I dinged 80 was worth it, though - and there is tons more questing I'll be doing that will get it all back in reasonable time. I also need to remember that the hojillion sonic boosters I made got DE'ed, and we should now have a comfortable stash of dream shards.

So what does the future hold?

Tuesday LOKI is going to aim to restart 25 man raiding. I'm very confident that by Sunday, I'll have to look back at screenshots to be able to list the bosses that we've killed. I know we've had members pugging bits and pieces of Naxx 25, but I look forward to being able to offer regular full clears.

We're going to try switching to a primarily hourly-based DKP system. Our old system favored boss kills, which made farm content more attractive. An entirely hourly based system doesn't provide insentive for people whom don't need loot to raid / use consumables / get repair bills - but I'm anticipating the massive quantitys of loot being insentive enough for Naxx, at least. Come the next tier of raiding, we may reconsider how we award DKP.

I'm really going to be pressuring our DPS / DPS officers, to make sure that we set our high standards early. I'm sure that we could get through most of Naxx with "meh" DPS, but I'd rather address it now. I'm not as worried about tanking or healing, since that tends to get corrected immediatly within the raid time period.

I'd opened up some of the GBank to raiders/core for wrath leveling, and it seemed to be really popular. I'll be looking to restructure the tabs again soon, and try to make that a permanent feature.

Finally, on a personal level, I need to finish getting updated enchants. +20 defense on my shield comes to mind, as does Wrath Head and Shoulder enchants (lol @ head & shoulders).


Herc said...

Gratz on 80!

Yeah I really didn't change that much gear when I hit 80 cause of the sockets. Heck even green gems are awesome.

You are right on the dps =). A fight can only go so long before the healer goes OOM, enrage timer is up, or someone just messes up cause of the prolonged fight.

A minimum of at least 2k dps is recommended raid buffed(this is with sunwell/blue lvl 80 gear), some classes can get to 4-5k dps easily. Anything less than that ... well the tank will pass you up how about that =P. I'm proud of our dpsers, maily because they do their homework and min/max as much as they can seeing how competitive DPS spots are.

I've slacked on Son's of Hodir rep. I'm just about to hit honored today if not tomorrow.

Brandon said...

Not sure if its cause of our guilds gear level or what. But one thing you might want to keep an eye on concerning dkp is people passing on loot. Seems like Naxx doesnt offer up nearly the upgrades for some classes as they do tanks and such other than tier pieces. We've had so much stuff being sharded and its only our second week in.

And the Sons of Hodir rep gets pretty easy going when you hit honored. More quests open up. One really cool one gives 500 rep a turn in I believe.

Franklin said...

What is this "Sons of Hodir" faction you speak of? And why does it suddenly seem so important?

I just dinged 74 last night. I'm not exactly breaking any records here, but with the holiday season in full swing, I've got a lot of other things besides Warcraft on my mind.

Funny thing is, I started questing in Howling Fjord, and haven't really left yet. I do some of the walrus-dude dailies for rep (I love fishing... want the pole), but I would say 80% of my XP so far has come from instance running.

Gratz on 80!

Herc said...

You will encounter Son's of Hodir while questing your way at Storm Peaks.

Pretty good questline imo.

You get a rare shoulder enchants from them at honored which is the same as the one you get from exalted with aldor/scryers. The better version though is at exalted.

Pyroshen said...

I'm sure LOKI is full of quality raiders, but hourly based DKP can lead to slacking. If you get the DKP no matter how well you do some people don't care to try their best with enchants/consumables. This happened when my guild did hourly dkp in MC/BWL days.

You should include bonuses for first time kills and subsequently all boss kills. So while you might spend 4 nights raiding you'll get a nice bonus if you take down 4 bosses instead of 2.

When you think of it DKP is a lot like a pay cheque. You can pay them for time pluggnig away or for actual achievements.