Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Apps & Achievements

This expansion, Guilds across the globe have gained unparalleled view into the depths of applicants souls, via the ever wonderful/ominous Armory's achievement and statistic tracking features.

Have you ever been on the giving (or receiving) end of an application-based armory probe?

I'm willing to wager the answer is no. I don't think that there are established guidelines for what to look for. And if you are not looking for something specific on the armory, you can tend to drift... look up the achievement on WoWhead... browse forums there... write a post... get inspired for a blog post... start researching on the armory...

In LOKI's recent search for a Deathknight, a few apps have come up. With Deathknights being plentiful, and the greater majority being terribad, I felt that they were a good candidate for my first test application/armory probe. The fact that there are three up at the moment also gives me something to compare.

I focused my examination on group experience as a deathknight, and kept an eye out for heroic achievements which signified that their group had aggregate high dps.

There are other metrics that I'm developing, but sadly, most require some time to have been spent in raids.

The Three: Termoil, Dayless, Låmê

Termoil - The Old (gear only) View: At first glance, decent. Mabey a little heavy on PvP gear (241 Resil), but a few good crafted epics. Some enchants could be improved.
Termoil - The Indepth Look:
Ran all but CoT, UP, and OldKingdom on normal (on normal, assuming while leveling) - good.
Emblems of Heroism acquired: 28 - Low
Emblems of Valor acquired: 5
Heroics Finished: 4 - Bad
Noteable other Achievements: None
Summary: Little Deathknight instance experience, which is dangerous.

Dayless - The Old (gear only) View: No enchants throws up a big flag. A few good pieces, but also some greens.
Dayless - The Indepth Look:
Ran all but CoT, Oculus, Strath (on normal, assuming while leveling) - good.
Emblems of Heroism acquired: 91 - Not too bad.
Emblems of Valor acquired: 2
Heroics Finished: 21
Noteable other Achievements: The Culling of Time, King's Bane
Summary: Decent amount of Deathknight playtime at 80. Missing enchants can be fixed. Best potential out of the three, imo.

Lame - The Old (gear only) View: Many greens, no crafted epics. Enchants are poor or absent.
Lame - The Indepth Look:
Emblems of Heroism acquired: 16
Emblems of Valor acquired: 2
Heroics Finished: 1
Noteable other Achievements: Seems to have been in HoL group, which folded on Loken.
Summary: Statistics/Achievements confirm that he is no where near ready to raid.


Herc said...

Do a DPS Test on all three of them on a dummy boss on one of you main cities. Make it last around 3-4 minutes. Give them raid buffs if you can.

Give them option to use flask and food buff if they want, this alone should tell you if they are willing to get the required pots/food.

Tell them to treat it like an actual raid and their dps will be looked at.

While you at it throw sunders while you are there =P

Then maybe your other DK can give his input who is doing the right rotations etc thru Recount.

Of course this wouldn't be the final reason why they get accepted but it should help you.

Chad S. said...

I think I'll be looking into this, for sure. We should be using the training dummies already, but have not been.

7echno7im said...

I am surprised at how little heroics some of these candidates have run. IMO heroics are the best way to get geared up, gain lots of rep (in return getting rep gear) , and prepare you for the next step. I guess it could be because with their current guild there may not be a next step or they are leveling/gearing their (old) main character.

I can, however, sympathize with someone who has not enchanted some of their gear ONLY if:
*they are active seeking out the replacement daily and
*it is not of epic quality
*they are not running serious raids.

A good example of this is when I was running heroic VH daily for Bolstered Legplates. I knew I was going to get them, so I never invested in getting my blue legs (at the time) affixed with +stats.

Again, I am surprised that some people don't "seek out" their own upgrades via heroics/emblems.

(Sorry Yakra, my comments tend to be off subject sometimes.)

7echno7im said...


I guess I didn't account for the 25 level advantage a lot had over DKs.

Larísa said...

Hi there! I just found your blog since you had linked to me. I'm looking forward to take a closer look at it.

By the way, there's an issue with linking to PPI from Blogger blogs. Don't ask me why, but links end up in an old post. Please change the link to my feedburner-address,


Then it will work as intended.

Chad S. said...

Thanks Larisa!

I'll do that now : )

I had read so many good things about your blog, I just had to go check it out.