Monday, December 22, 2008

1(0) Naxx, 2(^2) Zones, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon

Friday night Aert and I logged on to run whatever, and got snatched up by Tsuyo's Weekend Naxx-10 group. We stomped through the four wings, and then knocked out Saph and KT. Was my first time in there on ten man, so I snagged a bunch of achievement points. We two healed + two tanked the whole thing, with the benefit of a Ret Paladin (Replenishment) and Feral Druid (off, off tank). Only snag was figuring out 4H. We put the Ret Paladin and Elemental Shaman in the back - whom healed themselfs. It was generally enough, but they were dying on occasion. To fix that, we did our normal "burn-Thane" strat, then had the healer that wasn't on Rivendare, run to the middle and top off the two in the back. Then we killed Saph and KT in short order.

On the questing front, Grizzly Hills is now totally done - the fourth zone for us. It was a decent zone - probably on the same level as Borean Tundra. My favorite parts were defiantly the ones dealing with the neo-dwarven architecture, which I think is pretty sweet.


Then on Sunday afternoon, I headed to STV to help a guildmate who was going to make a serious attempt at the fishing competition. It was ganking in its most pure form, as level 19-80 fishers were stomped under foot. Sadly, my guildmate himself got killed a few time, knocking him out. Next time, I think we'll be playing defense, rather then going on the O.

Sunday raid started out with OS. Just to get it out of the way, we did no drakes. It was a no death lol-one-shot. Aert got the 22 Slot bag on a /roll 25.

Then Malygos...

This fight is promising. It looks like its the first fight thats going to provide a decent chalange.

The bulk of the night was spent in phase two, hitting the enrage timer. We only had one death knight, so most of the time DPS was in only a single spark field. That, coupled with a few people dying in p1 (post vortex not running the correct way), a few people dying in early p2 getting-nailed by nexus lords, and a few misc deaths in p2 - led to general low DPS, and hitting the enrage timer with a few scions left up.

We're currently tanking him in the middle-esq. I've heard about the tankspot moving-him-around to stack sparks method, but I think using a second death knight would be alot simpler. I'd be curious to hear with other people do in P1 here.

Anyway, the holidays are fast approaching. We won't be having Wednesday raids the next two weeks, with it being Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. The other two raid days will be spent doing quick Naxx Clears to secure our KT kills, and hopefully will leave enough time on Sunday for us to kill Sarathon after.

After the holidays we'll be droping everything to just kill Malygos. There is certainly a large part of me that wants to keep Naxx on the schedule while we work him, but I know the LOKI thing to do is drop old content and focus fire the progression till its dead. Its what Ruffian would have done, and its the M.O. for LOKI.

I think with that attitude, we'll get him the first week we focus him, and can proceed to farm all the current content and progress on drakes, rather then just farm the easy stuff.


Katie said...

As long as were not permanently dropping Naxx like we've done with most of the old content, I think sticking to this plan works.

I think the main worry here is that when we "stop" doing Naxx is that we will never do Naxx as a guild 25 man again. Which unfortunately is what we seemed to do with TK, SSC, and MH to some extent.

Chad S. said...

When Malygos is dead, we aren't going to stop raiding.

We'll do Tue Naxx, Wed Finish Naxx & Malygos, Sunday Work on more OS Drakes, and then kill him with a farmable amount if we haven't killed at the end of the night.

Herc said...

We only use one DK on Malygos. The hunters do the rest of the pulling.

Our MT continues to move malygos on 25mans depending on the spark locations.

Brandon said...

On Malygos we take two DKs. During the pull and after vortex the tank always turns Malygos north. The raid goes south and stands right on his tail. The DKs alternate pulling sparks to the raid and keep the stacks up as much as possible.

From my experience its been the only raid Ive ever come close to having threat problems. A triple stack is scarey buisness.