Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heroic Naxx Cleared!

The night started out uneventfully. The bulk of the guild went in and finished plague wing, while Tonystarks and I had a man-date, waiting outside Naxx.

Spider Wing got squashed in record time. Sapphirion was one shot. Then, with an hour and a half left - we started KT.

Our first attempt we had some people die shadow fissure right in the beginning of P2, who were still clumped up, and not looking for them (they were looking at adds, unaware that p2 had started). Limped along, got to ~29%. Second attempt, I made a really dumb call. Aertimus had just sat down to eat, and the rest of the raid was ready to go - so I said off vent that she could finish eating while we all ran in. A group spawned right on top of her and killed her - prompting me to challenging shout the ?Why is Aert dead? questions to my logic error. Anyway, that attempt got to 15%.

Third time was a charm. Everyone spread out, moved out of bad things, and healed people that needed healing. It got a little hairy at ~5%, when our OTs died. I ran around trying to grab the adds, as did our feral druid (who had been lolkittying). Needless to stay, we stemmed player death enough to finish the job!

I was hella happy with the throne being available for pictures, as his body was lacking photogenic-ness.

Hail to the king!

Interesting loot from KT was the Healing Mace, that Aertimus spent virtually all her DKP on - an exciting upgrade (Best in Slot), considering we'd been running heroic Nexus for the mace from there fairly often. Now of course, when we go there next to keep farming the Winter Hat - the mace will drop every time. /Sigh. Earlier in the night, I'd gotten the Bindings of Hapless Prey and Heritage.

Anyway, Sunday we'll go roflstomp OS, then do Malygos. Starting next week - I'm going to steel a page from Herc's playbook, and do Naxx/Malygos first (hopefully in just two nights), then spend remaining time working on increasing numbers of Sarathon drakes.


Isisxotic said...

Congrats, guys!

Herc said...

Gratz! Woot!

Was that fun or what? I bet u guys did!

You'll have more fun doing Malygos and start buying extra keyboards/monitors/mouse when you start attempting Sartharion with drakes up ^_^ you'll need it!