Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Night One in Naxx

Finally, our moment has come. I decided last week that we had enough 80's, and truth be told, plenty of people logged on at the appointed time. Three members that had joined through our sponsorship program got promoted, and our first Naxx raid was underway!

We headed to spider wing first, to knock out easy bosses. I went with a 3 Tank, 8 Healer setup. I know we could have potentially run with less healers, but I figured OOM healers / lack of heals would be out biggest threat. A few raid comp notes - for spider wing, we didn't have an elemental shaman (wasn't in the raid), enhancement shaman, death knight (both our elemental shamans are leveling their death knights, and are behind on levels), Feral Druid, or Prot Paladin (still leveling) - so we didn't have as much good synergy as I was hoping. Things still died, though.

Anub took two tries. The first one, I missed the start of his Locus Swarm cast, and got myself owned. Second time, we nailed it. I didn't intervene anyone, but took advantage of aspect of the pack to give myself some more room. A fun fight to tank, and next week I'll probably be on add duty.

Widow was a one shot. I got wailed on for 20k during her enrage, but the Shadow Priest we had doing MC's had some experience with the fight, so most were over nearly before they began. The interesting part came when one of our tanks got overzealous with his Spell Reflects (and I know he'll read this :P ) - and one of the adds died from damage. We still killed her before the fourth enrage, which was a nice sign for our DPS's performance.

Maexxna was also a one shot. I didn't drop below 60% on non-enrage web wraps, and got through the one or two after the enrage comfortably with cooldowns and an Indestructible Potion (Thanks Kiran :D ). I picked up a Sand-Worn Band as a bonus (one of a few decent tank drops we had over the course of the night, including Heritage, and Cloak of the Shadowed Sun.

Instructor Raz took three tries - mostly dealing with getting our priests coordinated with the add-MC-tanking. One hadn't ever seen the fight before, but had it down pat by our third pull - fairly awesome, if I may say. I felt like I should have tried to DPS more during that fight, but I didn't want to miss an add being released, and have someone die.

Gothik took up the last bit of our night, though he didn't die. We're still getting a feel for what (and how many) DPS/Tanks/Healers should be on what side.

Tonight, we're aiming to mow down Gothik, 4 Horsemen, and as much of Plague Quarter as we can. That will leave just construct quarter, and Frostworm Lair.

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Herc said...

Hey man Spell Reflecting is awesome! One of the coolest things to do whenever I spec Prot.

Gratz on the progress and tank loots. If you clear 4H tonight you will have an easy time on Plague no doubt.

I bet you guys will have fun on Heingan.