Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night Two in Naxx

Wednesday night, we were right back at it. We took one less healer, and an extra DPS.

We had about five dead on live side for the end of Gothik, but still managed to get through. The gate wasn't open until we had about seven stacks of his -10% stats debuff, and killed him when we had nine. It was a little hairy, but it got done.

We then spent some time on Four Horsemen. Our two problem areas were caster tanks dying, and melee tanks getting thrown when taking fourth marks, and marks not having time to fall off.

After awhile, those two issues didn't seem to be improving, so I decided we would come back on Sunday to finish the job. I'm going to look at either having casters in super-high stamina gear, or just putting plain old tank-tanks with large (30k+) health pools for Zethik and Blaux. For the other problem - I want to do more research into just how close we can tank them, so that we do as little running as possible, and can get them back apart before the fourth mark.

Noth was next on the list. He got one shot, as expected. We never had a curse go off, though we did go through two teleport phases before he died.

Heigan took two tries. The first one, about half the raid was dead by the end of the first dance, and then the rest went back up on the platform too early and ate the disease. The second time, we only had about 7-10 dead over the whole thing, and finished. Honestly, since there is no enrage timer, he could be ten manned (which is disappointing).

I think the healer comment of the night was "Once the bad people died, healing was easy".

On that note, I'm going to need to keep track of people that die week after week, so that we can change that, and make this boss go faster (besides, I plan on being an Immortal someday!).

Over the night, I picked up Gauntlets of the Disobediant and Cloak of the Shadowed Sun. Tsuyo snagged Helm of Vital Protection. Tank drops have been decent so far.

Sunday, we take out Loatheb, 4HM, and begin Construct wing.


Herc said...

What #mark does your melee starts to switch? tanks should switch right after 3rd mark. 4th mark is too late. I'm not sure if your melee is going with the tanks when tank's switch targets to not get instagibbed by the meteors.

For the caster horsemen you need

a.) a healer that is strong on single target healing. Preferably a pally.

b.) any range dpser that has high hp. We had to bring in an extra warrior tank the first attempt to help out on healing, the extra hp pool and 2% less spell dmg taken really helps alot.

Again after 3 marks just let them switch sides for the proximity aggro.

Brandon said...

We make switches with 15 secs left on the countdown of the second mark. Dps is split on the two sides with the two tanks. The entire group runs with their tank and switches during call outs. Normally its two healers in each of the four corners watching their groups. That strat has worked pretty well with us.

Katie said...

I'm going to look to see what I'd have to do to increase my stam buffer without gimping my spell power so I can still heal myself. Worse comes to worse, we just get the resto druid to do it again, but that makes me think that we need to bring 9 healers, 8 to heal + 1 to tank. Give me a day or so to see if I can break that 20k barrier though. It feels like a challenge to my boomkin nature.

Chad S. said...

We are also considering the "everyone piles on and burns Thane down first" method. That would leave probably a healer tanking each caster, with another healer healing them as well (to maximize DPS on Thane).