Friday, December 5, 2008

Where Yakra Is At

Enough recounting of exploits in raids (for now). I decided today I'd focus inward, and take a look at where Yakra is at, now that I've gotten some raiding in.

I'm still using Four Pieces of my lv70 Gear. T6 Chest (Three Sockets), Shoulders (Two Sockets), and Boots (One Socket, but Sunwell Quality), and the Brutalizer (though now that I leveled weapon skill, I'll probably change that for the Unbreakable Will). The chest will go when I get the Wyrmrest Revered piece. The boots and shoulders I believe will be replaced by Naxx gear.

I'm pretty happy at the rate in which gear was replaced. My better gear is functioning in Naxx, while my not-as-good gear was replaced as I leveled and did lv 80 five mans.

I'm up to 25171 HP, 21810 Armor. I've been riding the 540 defense line very closely, and my next goals are to get 20 Def on my shield (instead of 18 stamina) so I can socket 24 Stamina in more gem slots (instead of 16 Def). Cloak of the Shattered Sun needs an enchant as well. I think I'll go for +armor on that one, and play to its strengths (Keeping +Def on Durable Nerubhide Cloak, as a more dodge/threat piece).

I briefly mentioned Weapon Skill - I spent some time the hanging out near BT, auto-attacking the banished demon on one of the Terrance's. At 80, you don't aggro the channelers around him, and he doesn't attack - making it ideal for some afk-weapon skillups. I got swords and maces to 399 before having to go elsewhere. I'll be making return trips later to get unarmed, and my two handed skills.

I've got 2490 Achievement Points, which I thought was pretty decent until I looked at the top 10 worldwide on this site. 6250 points on the top person! I'll settle for being 14th in my guild at this point.

Achievements I'm most proud of: Loremaster of Outland, Ironman.
Achievements I'm want to do: Hail to the Chef, What a Long, Strange Trip its Been.
Achievements I'm need to finish: Outlands Raider (Need KJ), Northrend Dungeon Master (HoS, UP)
Achievements I should just finish: Classic Dungeonmaster

While looking at achievements, I realized some of the hanging points for What a Long, Strange Trip its Been. Lunar Festival, I'll need to hit up Horde Elders, and run a bunch of old content + northrend dungeons in a short time frame, Get a lovely Black Dress from a gift of adoration, Kill ten horde who have their Orphan out, Get a Brewfest Mount, Get 50 HKs while under the effect of the winter veil disguise transformation thing. These are only some of the hard ones. Perhaps this achievement really is worth a 310% speed mount 0.O

Gaa, can't do it (not talk about dungeons). Must mention that I did Obsidian Sanctum 10. Took ~30 min, one shot everything. Seems very easy, but I don't want to take time away from Naxx25 progression to go kill one boss.

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