Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back on the Scene

The holidays are over. While that's a big sadface in my book, it does mean I'll be getting back on track as far as Blogging, Thinking, and Writing goes! I've got a number of good ideas stored up that I'll be hammering out over the next few weeks. But, for now, an Idea of what I've been up to in WoW...

Merrymaker! Aertimus and I did all of it on Christmas evening, after the chaos around her parent's house died down. It really wasn't bad, though we got hella lucky running into some of the classes we needed to put snow on between AV que's.

New Years! Horde tried to raid SW at midnight, but they gave it away by staging mini-raids earlier. They wiped on the Alliance no less then three times (including one time they were all rezzing in a corner of one of the side rooms, and got AoE'ed down in ~5 seconds). I was only there because the Server is two hours behind me, so when the masses were counting down in Stormwind, it was 2:00 am for me.

Fishing! I did some of the fishing quests, despite my marked dislike for fishing. On the way out of Ogrimar (on Diplomatic duties, even), I got killed. And then Owned. It actually felt kinda special.

Two of my guildmates were 2-Manning ZG, and got all the way to Hakkar. They wanted a third body for him, though, so I jumped in and got that achievement (I had killed him in Vanilla, but didn't have the quest or any loot, so it hadn't been recognised).

We did a few heroic achievements on Sunday - The One Hundred Club and Just Can't Get Enough. For FR, we usually ran with 130 (Pally Aura), so it wasn't a large drop going down to 75 (MotW). For Just Can't get enough, two of our tanks just pulled two packs each in the very begining of KT, and then proceeded like normal.

After Naxx was finished, we worked on two-drake Sarathon. Within a few attempts we were comfortablly killing the first drake (Tenesomething), and getting a hold of the second drake (Vespesomething). We were losing people at various points, though. Our best attempt saw the second drake to 25%, which is pretty close in my opinion. We ended up running out of time, so we killed Vesp. and just did it with one drake.

Side Note: Doing Exploration Achievements. I had no idea this place existed! Anyone recognise it?

And then last night, someone in the guild was organizing a For the Alliance! Raid, so I jumped in. Much world leader pwnage occured (obviously lashback from the flag-incident from above).

So yeah, I'm back! I'd be happy to take requests for anything people want to see covered in addition to what I'm planning, so let me know if there is anything you want to hear about in this new year!


Kadomi said...

Haha, looks like you found the weird mushroom place in Desolace that had me go WTF all over the place. Horde sure doesn't have quests in that part of the map, does Alliance?

Katie said...

Hmm. For some reason it reminded me more of that little horde town on the east side of zangermarsh. However, I'm sure y'all are right.

Congrats on the Merrymaker. You are a very good hubby leveling Aertimus's cooking like that.