Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Event Every Guild Leader Can Resolve In 6 Keypresses

/ G k i c k

So Matticus has a guild, and he blogs about it, and I'm typically entertained. But there is a distinct lack of backbone in his latest post (which describes a guild members shelfing WoW) that really got under my skin. The message he got was...

“Hey Matt, I’ve decided to take a break from WoW until Ulduar comes out. I’ve gotten what I need to prepare myself for it and I don’t want to burn myself too early. Thanks for understanding.”

Honestly. This guy just came right out and said the equivalent of "thanks for the gear, save my spot for when there is more". It really couldn't be more clear that this person is not a team player and is not interested in progression. The hardest encounter of the current tier is unbeaten (OS-3D), there are most certainly people who are not so lucky as to have gotten everything they need itemwise - and this guy wants to skip out until he sees more of a benefit to himself.

Whenever someone tries to pull something, ask yourself - what if every guild member acted this way? In this case, you'd be a revolving door for filler players whom you need to teach encounters for those whom haven't "gotten what they need" to continue doing the content. And when the next tier comes out, you have a mass of players that all want in.

Who do you bring? The people that were there first, or the most recent batch of active warm bodies?

I really can't even say that not wanting to burn out is a valid reason, in this case. Farming content is the least stressful/burnout-inducing activity you can take part in raid-wise. Progression can be hard, and require a decent amount of hours. Guilds that are just farming put in far less hours then guilds learning content, and they can probably ratched down consumable use to virtually nil. What this player is doing is also different then showing up for raids, and offering to sit out if there are more players then spots, but being available if they are needed.

I'll also add, as an aside, that players with this mentality don't exist only for clearing-everything guilds. Even guilds that are progression are liable to have players that only show up for farmed content, and while its harder to prove, its just as debilitating.

So my advice would be, if you ever uncover an epic-mooch lingering in your guild like this, kick them like a bad habit. They want to take more then they give, and will only end up draining your guild.


Veneretio said...

I think I'm inclined to side with Matt in that I wouldn't jump immediately to gkick either. I'd certainly not hold back with expressing my disappointment with them either though.

That being said down the road when they returned, they wouldn't have their raid spot. I'd simply use them. They'd fill in when we needed them and they'd be benched when we didn't. In the case of Matt's guild too, I'd never loot them anything ever again.

Eventually they'd get the hint and leave on their own and I'd be happy to know I'd regained at least some time I lost from giving them loot.

Chad S. said...

I just think that keeping them around, especially now that this issue is public, sets a certain tone of tolerance for that kind of behavior.

Make an example of them rather then "use" them, and avoid the situation of having to do the same thing over and over in the future.

Herc said...

From my experience, our GM would let him stay in the guild but will be stripped of his main raider rank.

Now he has to compete for raid spots next time he decides to play hah good luck with that. That shit is hard work especially with how the classes work in WoW atm.