Friday, January 30, 2009

An Expensive Endeavour - Filling Up My Bank

Consumables. Love em' or Loath em', you
need them.

This is the current state of my alt's GBank, which I try to keep consumables in. Right now, its a mess, but parts of it are starting to show promise. See - I have this crazy idea. I want to completely fill it with the things I'm going to need for T8, so that I keep the alchemical juices flowing as I spend all my WoWing hours in Uludar.

When I started to make a list of the things I'd need, I figured it would be short. Then I started to consider the consumables I use when it really matters, items I need to bring gear up to snuff, and little things I forget - and it got big. So without further delay, I present my goal for being stocked on consumables:

The Final List (Click To Expand)

Flask of Fortification x 70
Guru's Elixir x140
Elixir of Protection x 140
Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak x 260
Savory Deviate x 20
Indestructible Potion x 140

Enchant Cloak - Titanweave x 3
Enchant Chest - Defense x2
Enchant Chest - Super Health x 1
Enchant Bracers - 40 Stamina x 3
Enchant Gloves - Expertise x1
Heavy Borean Armor Kit x 2
Enchant Boots - Greater Fortitude x 3
Enchant Shield - Defense x 3
Enchant Weapon - Mongoose x 2
Enchant Weapon - Accuracy x 1
Eternal Belt Buckle x 3
Frosthide Leg Armor x 3

Regal Twilight Opal x 4
Solid Sky Sapphire x 12
Enduring Forest Emerald x 3
Austere Earthsiege Diamond x 2
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond x 1
Effulgent Skyflare Diamond x 1

White Smoke Flare x 40
Green Smoke Flare x 40
Heavy Frostweave Bandages x 20
Ultrasafe Bullet Machine x 2
(I'll admit, I jiggled some of the numbers so that this would all fit nicely in the bank - the presentation is probably as important to me as the function)

Whats this going to all cost?

The Material Cost (Click To Expand)

70 Fel Lotus
490 Ancient Lichen
210 Mana Thistle
560 Icethorn
420 Pygmy Oil
20 Deviate Fish

490 Imbued Vial
18 Resilient Parchment
2 Heavy Parchment

37 Eternal Earth
3 Eternal Water
3 Eternal Shadow
2 Eternal Fire
1 Eternal Air
4 Crystalized Water
4 Motes of Fire
8 Motes of Earth

121 Infinate Dust
10 Dream Shards
23 Greater Cosmic Essence
9 Abyss Crystals
12 Void Crystals
20 Large Prismatic Shards
16 Greater Planar Essence
80 Arcane Dust

8 Heavy Borean Leather
6 Arctic Fur
6 Nerubian Chitin

3 Frozen Orb

24 Saronite Bar
12 Cobalt Bar
6 Titanium Bars

260 Worm Meat
260 Rhino Meat
260 Northern Spices

4 Twilight Opal
12 Solid Sky Saph
3 Forest Emerald
2 Dark Jade
2 Huge Citrine
1 Bloodstone
1 Chalcedony

40 Frostweave Cloth
26 Netherweave Cloth

19 Ink of the Sea
1 Fiery Ink
1 Celestial Ink
The price will vary by server, but Icethorn is what will hurt me the most (unless I decide to level my 70 Warlock whom is an Herbalist (but dosen't have epic flying, which would be hella painful).

Will I get it done? I'll certainly let you know if I do. I just keep thinking that prices for consumables will be sky high when the new raids come out, so it should be worth it. And for the things that I'll probably just grind out (Meats) or save up (Enchanting Mats, Ores) - this has given me target numbers.

What about you? What are your plans for materially preparing for the next tier of raiding?

(Also, the guide I used for making the expandable lists are here)

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