Thursday, January 29, 2009

3.0.8 Malygos Bugs - How To Beat Them

Some nights, you have to grin and relearn a fight.

We headed into the Eye of Eternity last night - ready to kite, stack, shuffle, and 1-1-2 our way to some i226's. And what should have been a clean repeat of the previous weeks, was not.

We were having occurrences of...
  • Post-Vortex, melee and tank healers getting gibbed by an "arcane-fart" - a hit by the breath weapon in the area behind Malygos (where we just moved him from), a few seconds after he appeared to use the attack.
  • Malygos hitting us with Arcane Breath as he transitioned into P3
It took an attempt or two before I was convinced that the people dying were in fact where they should be. I then tried calling off abilities that got people out of Vortex (Warlock Circle, Killing Spree, ect) - as I had heard of a bug with them once - but that did not fix it.

As we kept working it (and testing new ideas), many of us were scouring forums for answers. The eventual fix - no pets. No hunter pets (they shouldn't be BM, anyway), DK Pets (sucks, but go with it), vanity pets (for safe measure). We left phase shifted imps, which seemed ok.

Voila! Single occurances of the breaths. It seems that he was aiming a second breath at pets when he landed, which ended up blasting raid members that should have been safe.

It took (much) longer then it should have, but it dropped 1000% more epics then a GM Ticket or QQ Forums Post would have.


Tirawen said...

After reading the WWS logs, I've noticed that pets don't get hit by arcane breath if they're put on passive during and repositioned after the vortex (once your tank has had time to collect and establish positioning for the dragon). It seems to be only pets that are "under" Malygos when he falls that have this issue.

Brandon said...

Never heard of the pets being the reason bosses for the burst. Will look into it. We had melee stand at max range of his hit box and that solved the problem, for us anyway.