Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What do you find more impressive or desirable...

"Twilight Vanquisher" or "The Immortal"?

Full Best In Slot Gear or 6000 Achievement Points?

A Black Proto-Drake or Green Proto-Drake?
(If you even can sort out where they all come from).

There are so many options open at this point in time, that I find it hard to determine what accomplishment is most important or pressing.

Oon a personal level, this isn't a terrible thing. I could farm Cenarion Circle rep one night, and work on pet collecting the next. But when it comes to directing a guild, your now looking at the desires and abilities of 24+ other people - and things get fuzzy.

LOKI currently clears Naxx, Malygos, and OS+2 each week. We have spent time testing out OS+3, The Immortal, and other Heroic Raid Achievements - but without having any one of them marked with a skull, to signify that they are the next to die. For a guild/game that has previously always had a clear cut path... (Gruul -> Mag -> SSC -> TK -> Hyjal -> BT -> Sunwell) ...this has led to some confusion.

All that to say, I spent some time today looking at our options, and coming up with a roadmap for what is to come.

The reason we haven't temporarily forsaken Naxx/Malygos and focus fired OS+3 (as we typically do with progression content) - is that I don't feel like the raid group has settled on a unified plan. There are plenty of people who will tell you how their guild did it, with a great variety in the number and type of their tanks (3-4) and healers (6-8), and in what they did with portals (take, don't take). Our officers are all reading these accounts of other people fervently, trying to determine which would work best for our specific makeup.

When OS-3 is complete, we'll start out each lockout period with it, and Malygos.

We will start off each weeks Naxx with the "Immortal" as our goal, and bosses which have remaining achievements left till last (Thaddius, Patchwerk, Loatheb). If all is going well, we don't take any risks. If we do lose it, we instead work on the achievements for the remaining bosses.

When all the 25-Man achievements are done, we'll finish the 20 man ones.

The Goal: To leave T8 with everyone having "Twilight Vanquisher" titles, Riding Black Proto-Drakes and wearing full Best-In-Slot gear.

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