Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Drakes

We'd all shown up for the raid Sunday, serious faces on, bags bulging with consumables. And then, as if it was on farm, we cleanly one-shot two-drake OS. It was pretty sweet (And I managed to randomly avoid getting hit by lava strike?)

I had spent the fight tanking Sarathon. The only sketchy part with two drakes, is when the first is dead, and the second is still up - so he's hitting 25% harder, and I have 25% less HP (about 30,000). I'm going to need to figure out who's going to MT him when we do three drakes though - we have no set Tanking DK, and our one feral druid is typically Cat. So we may need to pretty up one of them, or just get a good rotation of abilities up to keep me swinging through the huge lava breaths.

We then found ourselves with all the T7 Content Cleared, and nearly the full night open. So, we went back to Sunwell to finished what we started in BC.

It was embarrassingly easy. Kalecgos was just a matter of getting enough people into portals, and not killing the dragon prematurely. Brutallus was cake. Felmyst's breath still does work, though, and we had to go back a second time on her since people forgot that being ten levels above the content does not make you move from area to area faster. Twins was fast. Muru was fast. And then KJ didn't even get to casting Darkness of a Thousand Souls, so we pretty much just had to shove DPS down his throat until he returned to the nether. The event after was pretty cool to watch. And the whole clear only took us about 45 min.

So then there we were with half the night still unspent. So we kept working out way down the chain, and went to BT, with the hopes that perhaps there was still a legendary on our loot tables for the night. Lo-And-Behold - an Off-Hand Warglave did drop!

It's LOKI's first legendary (we had pretty terrible luck back in BC). And all of BT only took ~45 min.

And then to round off the evening, I was able to convince Aertimus to come to an Arena with me, so I could get those ten achievement points for winning one. It took "Im lost Where is Naxx" three tries, but we ended up taking out a Feral Druid / Rogue combo. I felt bad by the end, since Aert kept getting focus-fired really hardcore and knocked out early. But we did it.

So now we're left to OS-3D, Immortal, and a handful of other misc. achievements. I'm going to need to figure out what our specific plans are for extra raid time, though - as I'm hearing that not everyone was excited about filling out Sunday with T6. I imagine much of it will be spent on 3-D OS, but it can't hurt to have plans.


Kadomi said...

Many grats, exciting stuff. Very jealous of your excessive stamina there. ;) Now don't join the 'WotLK is too easy' train, hope Ulduar will come in time for you guys before you're too bored.

Chad S. said...

I'm finding myself in gradual acceptance to achievements as providing the difficulty in otherwise accessible encounters.

Aertimus said...

By "We" he means "Him" in regards to finally winning a match.

Herc said...

Whoa gratz to you guys! Get raedy for some 3D Sartharion Wipe Fest 2009. I'm sure you'll clear it before Ulduar comes out.

Good on ya that your not being complacent and accepting the shift in the paradigm of raiding =).

Everyone and their mom can kill sartharion but for the competitive guilds I have no doubt they will eye for that 3D Sarth kill