Friday, January 16, 2009

Heigan Dance - Tips & Tricks For Phase One

Well, really, there is only one big Tip. Don't Dance in P1.

I saw Oriniwen's post, and just had to publish this diagram (not to mention I'm in an MS Paint mood today).

If you keep Heigan on the corner, and the ranged goes to the opposite corner, you can outrange his spell cast time increase aura for Phase One.

Phase Two is still the same, so everyone still has to dance (this is not a magical-instawin exploit), but your Phase One DPS will be higher. W-a-y higher. And your hunter's pets won't die in P1, leaving them to drop their insta-rez for the second P1 (in which you can easily kill him).

Notes on Executing it: As long as tanks and DPS are on the raised part (even on the slant), they'll be safe. Ranged will need to give themselves a little extra time to run to the beginning of the dance floor for P2


Anonymous said...

feels like an exploid and i just have 5 words for it:
I do not like it

Chad S. said...

If you could spend phase two there and be safe / not have to dance the whole time, I would agree.

However, this method does require the whole raid to dance still. It just trades the slow kite in P1 for some tricky positioning, and the need for the ranged to stand further away from the dance starting area.

I got the idea originally from a post on the official wow forums, which was not removed/deleted/ect - I'll try to find it.

ace danger said...

This is the method we used to down this boss. It was my first time trying this boss and it was effective. I wonder when/if this will be fixed?