Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Does Your Guild Stand?

In Vanilla WoW, if you wanted to know where a guild stood, you went to their realm forums, and hoped there was some dedicated person keeping a huge thread up to date with boss kills.

Throughout BC, if you wanted to know where a guild was at in progression, you went to WoWJutsu. Hands down, this was the place.

And now where do you go for Wrath, if your competitive spirit demands a logical ordering of guilds - ?

...I'm finding WoWProgress to be the site of choice.

Achievements are the clincher. Base clears of Naxx, OS, and Malygos have probably all been done on your server by many, many guilds. What sets guilds apart now are Achievements - Noteably Twilight Assist, Duo, and Twilight Zone, though there are some others (The Immortal) that certainly convay a level of mastery over the content.

Date of, and Order in which a guild got a kill/achievement on not only World and US/EU level, but as specific as Realm - are all pretty sweet. Like, LOKI was the 14th to Clear Naxx, but the 4th to get Arachnophobia, and the 6th to Just Can't Get Enough.

You can also tack on Recruitment and guild information, in the likely event that someone is checking you out when considering placing an App. You can see how often people leave/are removed from the guild, RSS boss kills, and see who's getting loot.

All in all, its the best I've found so far. But tell me, am I missing something anywhere else?


Herc said...

Speaking of immortal achievement. I was the first one to ruin it last night

I died on Thaddius. I would have admitted I was slow but I died while I was on the positive side while having positive debuff!

How is your Sarth with Drakes up attempts going?

Chad S. said...

Sadface on the Thaddius death. I'm guessing it was Chain Lightning + Enough other people being slow to just be too much?

This is the first week we'll have a full night for two drakes (and actually a little more, depending on tomorrow night's speed).

I'm extremely confident that we'll get two this week.

Sorry to hear about your raid ID troubles this last week, that's a huge bummer : (

Brandon said...

Wowprogress is an awesome sight. I really like how theyre tracking progression with the achievements. The fact that they track the ranking of boss kills is a major plus to me. Helps give that extra push in progression.