Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue Rage Bar, Building

I'm angry at Blizzard. Before you tune this out as some textbook emo-crybaby post, know this is the first time I've said that, and probably the first time I've really felt it.

3.0.8 Hits. Tanks have 30 yard taunts now! Tankspot releases a strat for three drakes utilizing this, that involves an extra tank taunting Sarth and moving out of range to avoid killer breaths. It looks like a good fit for LOKI. Life is good.

LOKI spends 70~ attempts adjusting to and practicing this strat.

3.0.9 Hits. Reports start filtering in that the breath range has been increased (making this strat impossible). Huh?

Now, if a small group of players finds something that Blizzard considers an "exploit" - its not usually in Blizzard's best interest to announce its being fixed in the next patch - since people will only be informed by the announcement.

But when the strategy using that mechanism is posted on the front page of Tankspot, an Official WoW fansite - what could they possibly lose by announcing that it is unintended, and/or being changed? In the end, we just get stuck with a bunch of time spent practicing something in vain.

I know the solution is to just head right back in and do it the way many guilds have found to do it - but I'm still hurting over the lost time and repairs that were put into attmempts that used/refined breath managment through taunting.

I won't even get into how I thought that it was simply an innovative method for doing it without a DK tank / multiple tank-saving-cooldown-using classes. I'm also sad that we may never see encounters that encourage creative environment/skill usage, like Firemaw or Chromag.

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Tarsus said...

I thought that was kind of suspicious, especially given the posting on TankSpot.

Since they're busying themselves making it so that you can't use the taunt strat, I hope they take the opporuntity fix whatever seems to be causing the darn dragon to randomly turn and breathe on the Sarth Tank healers. Even though we can get down Sarth 3D now with some regularity this still wipes us at least some of the time.