Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Concussion Blow - No GCD

Maybe this is old news for some people, but if you haven't noticed, concussion blow has not been triggering the GCD (since 3.0.8). You can't use it when the GCD is ticking, but you can stick it right in front of another ability.

What does this mean? Well, there is even less of a reason to not be using it -all the time- when tanking, bosses in particular.

Three decent places to put it for boss fights - one would be in front of / along side Shockwave, a big satisfying smash of damage for bosses - this is also the least efficient way of doing it, however, since waiting for Conc Blow's CD to always come up means wasting 10 sec of Shockwave cooldown.

Another is in with your (shift-modified) revenge, which is probably in a good spot already for you, and your sure your going to be all over that button every 20 seconds. You may miss the CD by a few seconds if your S&B proc delays using revenge every five seconds, but its pretty close.

And finally, doing it manually. My only beef against this, is that its an extra key press that has to be post GCD, but before your next GCD activating ability.

I plan on further testing all the options, but I'd be curious to hear if people have been using it in any of these fashions, and which they find most helpful.


7echnon7im said...

Right now I have it bound to my 2nd thumb button. It works pretty well there. I have thought about moving it further to my left hand, but it gets tough maneuvering and trying to trigger it on a shift modified 1-4, however i have most of those bound too with a shift modifier.

My Heroic Strike is on my first thumb button so i can easily que one up before and after, but takes some getting use to.

Tarsus said...

I have concussive blow over with my "oh sh*t" buttons, which I trigger using the mouse. Since timing wise it doesn't necessarily fit nicely into a rotation, I just kinda hit it whenever the cooldown is up. That it doesn't trigger the global cooldown makes it ideal for this sort of ad hoc use.

One thing I have noticed, I need to make sure I have a good bit of rage before letting loose with stuns (provided the mob can be stunned), I hate being stuck low on rage while wait to be hit again, especially if I'm AoE tanking.

Veneretio said...

Ya, I had noticed this, too and I think it's going to get fixed. It's either going to act like other abilities off the GCD and work any time or it's going to go back on the GCD because it's current functionality makes very little sense.

That being said, for the time being, it's on it's own, but I'll probably create some kind of macro that uses it with Revenge while also having it available to use without Revenge should the need arise.

TGAPGeorge said...

Man, I really hope they don't change anything with this.

After reading this post, I added CB to my shield slam. I figured since I open with SS and try to keep it up as much as possible, this would be a good place for CB.

It's awesome! 3500 and 1500 floating up at the same time! Critting for a combined 9500!

Talk about threat production.

Good find, Yakra!