Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Duel Spec Build 1 of 2: The Defensive / 100% CD Uptime Setup

Day One: The Cooldown Build. With the below glyphs, one guardian-spirit-Glyphed Holy Priest (10 second coverage, CD reduced to one min if not activated), and two 20sec/2minCD trinkets, you can continually have a trinket/CD used. 100% Uptime (with even a little overlap from shield wall being 13 sec, not 10).

Defensive Build (5/8/56, Imp Disciplines, Imp Reflect, 5/5 Demo)
Glyph of Blocking (Optional)
Glyph of Last Stand
Glyph of Shield Wall *new* -- Reduces the cooldown on Shield Wall by 3 min, but Shield Wall now only reduces damage taken by 40%

Visual Here.
10 Sec CDs are Shield Wall and Guardian Spirit.
20 Sec CDs are Trinket1, Trinket2, and Last Stand.

Shield Block, 10 Sec CD B, 20 Sec CD F
Shield Block, 10 Sec CD C, 20 Sec CD D
Shield Block, 10 Sec CD B, 20 Sec CD E
Shield Block, 10 Sec CD C, 20 Sec CD F
Shield Block, 10 Sec CD B, 20 Sec CD D
Shield Block, 10 Sec CD C, 20 Sec CD E

This build gives you the benefit of a trinket, last stand, shield block, shield wall, or a death-preventing / heal increasing guardian spirit, at all times. Clever use of /in macros and castsequence would make it fairly easy, and the requirement of a single holy priest is fairly reasonable for progression.

I'm pretty excited about it.


Darraxus said...

Im am going to spec into a DPS spec for my second one. It will be nice to switch on and off for encounters that only need one tank.

Wukki said...

Silly question but.. which trinkets do you have in mind for this?

Vads said...

Prot and Fury dualspecs for me, no doubt.

Raid community I'm part of has a number of up and coming tanks and while my main role will always be tanking its going to be nice to dps every now and then and not hog all the tanking goodness. :)

Chad S. said...

Rune of Repulsion & Valor Medal of the First War would do it. I'm not sure how the JC trinkets would work in the setup (1 min CDs).

There are some others that don't come to mind - and I'm sure there will be more, similar trinkets of higher iLevel in T8.

Chad S. said...

Defender's Code*

That one is preferable.

Mookey said...

For early raids this is 100% my 2nd build. I made it the other day, just was bit pissed around since I can't 2 points from cruelty into revenge.

Also, atm thinking about - which talent is most dispensable to gain piercing howl?

Chad S. said...

I'm not sure why I didn't put the point into Piercing Howl for this.

I'd take the point out of either Shield Spec, Focused Rage, or Improved Spell Reflection - depending on which of those seems less useful for the current progression.